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pageantry interview ● logan west Logan’s With her run as Miss Teen USA coming to an end, Connecticut’s Logan West is still focused on taking down bullies in America’s schools one state at a time W hen Logan West was in the seventh grade, she made a decision that would essentially define her young life, as she created her very own anti-bullying initiative. But it wasn’t just some random cause for the Connecticut native, as she had been bullied for a good part of that year by one of her classmates, who took issue with the color of Logan’s skin. Faced with the opportunity to rise and overcome, Logan not only came out on top against her own bully, but she sent a message to schools throughout her state and eventually the country that she wasn’t putting up with bul- lying any longer. Logan, of course, was crowned the 30th Miss Teen USA on July 28, 2012 at the Atlantis Paradise Island in the Ba- hamas, and she has spent the past year traveling the coun- try as not only one of the most recognizable young woman in America, but perhaps even its loudest voice in the cam- paign against bullies. Now, with her 19th birthday having just passed, Logan is looking toward her wide-open future with a range of career, school and personal options. But one thing is definitely for sure—she’s not letting bullies off the hook anytime soon. Pageantry magazine: You’ve had quite the excit- ing year—college, New York, travel and speaking engagements. How has the title of Miss Teen USA helped you in your battle against bullying? Logan West: It helped me a lot. One of the reasons that I started competing in pageants was because it helped me take my platform, Unite Against Bullying, across the na- tion. So at first, what I called “BullyProof ”, was in Con- necticut, but I wanted to take it nationwide and be a great role model for the nation’s youth. It was a great way for me to expand on my platform, and we recently launched the ambassador program for Unite Against Bullying, which means that students across the country can take it to their 44 PAGEANTRY areas. It has definitely helped me a ton and I am very excit- ed about it. PM: These students that want to take it to their areas, how will they actually be able to become involved? Is it through a website or their local schools? LW: They can go to and find all of the information about ways to get involved and be- come an actual ambassador. It’s actually very easy, with just a couple of phone calls, one contract and a Skype interview, and you’re off on your own. PM: What are some of the venues through which you’ve been able to spread your message about bully- ing? Who have you been able to talk to and who have you been able to reach? LW: I’ve visited a lot of schools here in New York, as I had already brought BullyProof to so many schools in Con- necticut. I’m working with senators in Pennsylvania and speaking on their state floor, and getting involved with their anti-bullying laws, too. There have been a lot of other pro- grams, too. I went to one the other day called “Glam Divas”, which was just a small event in Washington D.C. that was promoting self-empowerment and self-esteem in young girls. Really, we’ve just been getting the word out in smaller groups, as much as we’re launching it out to big people, but we’re starting small to help it get big. PM: After your win we discussed your “bucket list” and your goals. Is there anything that you still haven’t done