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YOUR LOOK allnaturalskincare Going Back to Basics Rita Mondolfi’s All Natural Skin Care lets people treat their bodies better with classic oils and lotions that say goodbye to chemicals and hello to the Earth’s finest elements hen she was a child, Rita Mondolfi’s mother and grandmother loved to garden. They would pick certain flowers and herbs at all times of the day and bottle them, making their own body lotions, hair tonics, and facial elixirs. As she grew older, she kept her grandmother’s traditions alive by founding All Natu- ral Skin Care. She started her company using only natural and organic ingre- dients, the same products Cleopatra used thousands of years ago, and she would like to share her knowledge and passion with the world. With respect and care for the Earth and all the beauty it has to offer us, she has traveled the world to discover the secrets of what other countries have to offer and brought them home to include in her vast array of oils, lotions, elixirs, tonics, and makeup lines. All Natural Skin Care... the name says it all. W Pageantry magazine: Why did you found the company All Natural Skin Care? Rita Mondolfi: Because I wanted organic and natural ingredi- ents for everybody, not just for me. I want to share my secrets with everybody. PM: When you decided to go into the beauty industry, you wanted to go organic and bring it to the public. What was your main essence of getting it into the industry? RM: Our company is based on argon oil, which is a beautiful oil that only grows in Morocco. We wanted to start something with that and we wanted to provide the finest quality ingredients from all over the world and incorporate them in all of our products. PM: Where can we find your products? RM: You can find our products on our web site at AllNaturalSkin- 54 PAGEANTRY, where we have a full line of skin care prod- ucts and mineral makeup. PM: Can you explain All Natural skin care and makeup for those of us that aren’t familiar with what goes into making a beauty product line? RM: Our skin care line is made with natural and or- ganic ingredients, and RITA MONDOLFI they’re not preserved with any chemicals. And our mineral makeup is also organic, gluten free, and also made from nature. Everything is natural and organ- ic in our products. PM: When people hear the word organic, what exactly does that mean? RM: They’re grown without any kind of pesticides or chemicals, so you get a beautiful, natural product. It’s very good for your skin, because you’re using everything from the Earth and nature. PM: And you also have hair products, correct? RM: We have beautiful tonics that you can put in your hair, and they’re based with argon oil. We also have a shampoo that is also created with argon oil from Morocco. PM: What is so special about argon oil? RM: Argon oil is the only product that does everything. It’s a moisturizer, great for wrinkles, anti-aging, hydrating—it does ab-