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Many things have changed over the years in the world of pageantry, and many have stayed the same. Some of them are wonderful traditions, but the 5 fitness myths are not so wonderful ideas which unfortunately linger, including several myths when it comes to being fit and looking your best on stage.

The current theme of the fitness game on the pageant stage is healthy, toned, strong and most importantly, presenting your best you. There are many different ways to get there, however, there are also many popular misconceptions about pageant fitness. These falsehoods simply refuse to go away despite all of the amazing knowledge and education available to those working to be their best.

You can clearly differentiate the pageant ladies on stage who have prepared the right way. They are healthy, vibrant, glowing and full of life. Your eyes are drawn to them and you can tell they feel great. It is obvious these ladies prepared for the stage and did not follow any unhealthy habits, tricks or fitness myths in their pursuits.

Let’s explore a few of these pageant fitness myths and finally put them to rest!

1. “To lose weight, I simply won’t eat.”

This belief is unfortunately quite common and could not be further from the truth. Your body needs fuel to function and to burn body fat. Yes! You must eat to burn body fat!

Think of your body like a fireplace and your metabolism the fire. In order to keep a fire burning, you have to keep feeding it additional logs at regular intervals. Your body is no different! To keep your metabolism going and burning body fat, you must feed it at regular intervals.

Many who have issues with losing weight find that once a Nutritionist or Dietician breaks down their food intake, they aren’t eating enough and actually need to raise their daily calorie intake in order to achieve the desired results.

Food is fuel for the body and fuel makes a fire burn. It is important in your quest for your best stage body to eat healthy foods at regular intervals.

Myth: Not eating will make you lose weight.

Myth Busted: Eating at regular intervals will increase your metabolism and burn more body fat.

2. “Weight training will make me bulky.”

Pageant girls are notoriously afraid to hit the weights. They are afraid that if they do, they will suddenly become a She-Hulk in their evening gown. This is not the case!

It is very difficult for a female to gain muscle size, and many women who feel they are too muscular simply have extra body fat rather than muscle. Even those who are thin in one area and larger in another are not more muscular in that area, that is simply where their body holds body fat and as they follow good nutrition, weight train and perform cardiovascular exercise, they will see this stubborn body fat decrease.

To shed body fat, one must weight train. Weight training and engaging muscle causes the body to burn more body fat at rest and is crucial in that tight, toned look we desire.

When first beginning weight training, the area may swell a little with inflammation, this is normal and it will dissipate. So don’t measure your legs after a week or so of weight training and think if the measurement is higher, you have gained a bunch of muscle, this is not the case!

The pageant ladies you see on national stages who are tight and toned inevitably all engage in some sort of weight training; it is an important part of creating your best stage body.

Myth: Weight training makes you bulky.

Myth Busted: Weight training is an important component of a tight, toned stage presence and overall body shape.

3. “I am active already, so I don’t need to work out to change my fitness level.”

It is great many pageant ladies are involved in physical activity on a daily basis. From taking dance class to playing tennis to yoga and everything in between, pageant ladies are active.

That being said, if you decide you need to make changes in your physique before you hit the pageant stage, your current activity will not be the catalyst.

If you have been doing a particular activity for quite some time, it is keeping you in your current state. As long as you continue this activity, you will stay as you are. However, if you want to create change you must do and/or add something different to your daily activity. For instance, if you are playing basketball daily, you will need to add something such as weight training to spark a change in your current fitness level if so desired.

Myth: I am already active, I don’t need to work out in order to change my fitness level.

Myth Busted: Your current activity level is keeping you where you currently are. To spark change you must make a change to your daily routine.

4. “I try and eat “healthy,” so that is enough.”

Eating a healthy diet is key to both your physical health and to achieve your desired stage look. However, what is often considered “healthy” is full of extra calories and ingredients which are anything but good for you. With so many choices out there and so much marketing about what is healthy, it is difficult to decipher truth from fiction.

Many times a salad at a restaurant can be full of more calories and sodium than a burger! So, it’s not all about what appears to be healthy, but what it truly consists of.

An easy way to tell if what you are choosing aligns with your goals is to look for minimal processed ingredients, and that it contains a good balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Simply eating fruit all day may sound healthy, but it is lacking the nutrients your body needs to function properly and to look it’s best.

Myth: I try to eat “healthy,” that is enough.

Myth Busted: Not all foods which claim to be healthy are! Choose foods which are minimally processed and have a good ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

5. “To look great, I won’t eat any carbohydrates.”

This myth is rampant! So many women believe if they cut all of their carbohydrates, they will lose weight and look great. Yes, cutting carbs may cause you to lose some body weight, however you won’t only be losing body fat but muscle as well, which can take away that toned look and tightness you have been working so hard for.

In addition, cutting carbohydrates may make you super sensitive to them when you start eating them again and cause a rebound in which you may gain even more weight than you lost.

Carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy nutrition plan and are key in looking and feeling your best. Make sure they stay part of your meal plan throughout your pageant prep and beyond.

Myth: Cutting carbs is the best way to get ready for the stage.

Myth Busted: Eating carbohydrates is an important part of any nutrition plan to look and feel your best.

Many things have changed in the pageant world over the past few decades, but some things seem to linger including several myths when it comes to being fit and looking amazing on stage.

The theme of the game on the pageant stage is healthy, toned, strong and most importantly, showcasing your best you. Leave those fitness myths in the dust! Getting fit the right way is a lifestyle you will enjoy and will leave you looking and feeling great both on the stage and long past your days as a titleholder.

Until next time, see you at the gym! Because someday is not a DEY of the week!


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