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your look ● fitness By Sharon Turrentine Goal Setting: A Way of Life When you’re truly ready to go for it, you need to set a goal for it I f you haven’t incorporated goal setting into your lifestyle, now is the time to do so. So, let’s look at it from the beginning. There are two basic types of goals: short term goals and long term goals. In the fit- ness world, the long term goal should be to become as physically fit as you can and stay that way as much as pos- sible for the remainder of your life. Living a physical fitness lifestyle can benefit you in ways you can never imagine in your later years. Beginning early in life is a blessing that, when you reach your 70s (kind of like me, for example), you will be SO grateful for. So, my continuous long term goal is to stay as fit and healthy as I can for the rest of my life. And look out—one of my goals is to live to be 107! Then, when I reach that age in 2051, I will more than likely re-set my goals. Pretty lofty, huh? But for now, let’s talk about short term goals. Let’s say you are going to compete in a pageant (or are preparing for a very special event in your life) and want to do your best and look your best. 1) If there is talent involved in your competition, you strive to learn from someone who can take you to your limits in performance. You work on every aspect of the talent competition: the talent itself, of course, but the staging, the physical aspects, and the dress/outfit that best suits what you plan to do, as well. 2) For the interview, you work on staying up on current events: not just who is president, or political informa- tion, but what’s actually going on in our great nation and around the world—events, weather, and people. 3) There is, of course, your platform—something you believe in with all your heart and are passionate about. Study it, feel it, live it. Do what you can do make it work. 4) There is the fitness portion. Decide exactly what you want to do and how to do it. Just as with your talent, con- sult someone who knows what they are doing and can 68 PAGEANTRY help you. You do not just want a “pageant diet” to fit into a certain dress; you want to get your physique as healthy and fit as you can. And keep in mind, the better you look, the better they think you are. It’s human nature. 5) There is the community involvement aspect, which you should be doing from early age as well. No matter where you are in life, there are those less fortunate than you and those who can benefit from your willingness to volunteer in some way, shape, form, or fashion to assist them in their lives. Look around you, count your bless- ings, and bestow some type of heartwarming blessing on those who would benefit, not only physically, but men- tally and emotionally from your efforts. FITNESS Continued on page 96