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your look ● bodysculpting By Shannon Dey Go for the Glow A healthy lifestyle can help you radiate beauty from the inside out M any times one woman in a sea of beautiful women will stand out from all others on the pageant stage. What is it about her that catch- es your eye and captivates, separating her from the crowd as the new Queen? What qualities does the most vibrant, glowing, confident, beautiful woman gracing the stage possess, and where do they originate? The vibrant, captivating contestant jumps out at you. She can be identified pretty much immediately, and her glow emerges from within, radiating outward. This vivacity is not always displayed by the most traditionally beautiful contestant, it doesn’t always accompany the best gown or the contestant with the best hair and has nothing to do with being thin. This type of beauty is the combination of confidence, a strong sense of self, and the radiance of healthy vitality. You can tell that she feels as great as she looks. What is the secret to obtaining this glow; what is the recipe for drawing your eye and holding your gaze? The an- swer is overall HEALTH. Proper nutrition and a strong fit- ness level are the key components of the woman you can’t take your eyes off of. It is very difficult to express your best self if you don’t feel good physically. No matter how confi- dent, no matter how intelligent, no matter how perfectly prepared, if you don’t feel good physically, you will not shine. Your physical health is key to your ability to display to the world who you are, and this is why your fitness plan is such a key component in your pageant preparation. What does it mean to be fit? Is it protein shakes and big muscles? Is it hours and hours of cardiovascular exercise while eating nothing but lettuce? Many pageant women shy away from following a fitness/nutrition plan because they feel it means severe calorie restriction. Or perhaps they believe that if they go to the gym and lift weights, they will become overly muscular and lose their feminine shape. None of these beliefs could be further from the truth! Fit- ness is all about being healthy, active, and fueling your body properly for optimal results and energy. You must EAT to achieve this. You must engage in both proper weight train- ing and cardio vascular exercise, which will enhance, rather 26 PAGEANTRY than detract from, your femi- nine appearance. When introduced to the pageant world in 2014, I combined my Masters De- gree in Exercise Science with the philosophies of training I utilized to main- tain the body necessary to be an NFL Cheerleader, in conjunction with my vast experience coaching literally thousands of models and biki- ni athletes. This combination designed a training program that builds the perfect pageant body while creating a healthy metabo- lism and lifestyle that will allow you to maintain a lean, tight, toned, and healthy body long past your time on the stage. With this philosophy, Bomb- shell Fitness has produced a body that has won Miss USA, Miss Bikini U.S., Mrs. Canada Globe, and countless regional, state, and local titles. I founded Bombshell Fitness in 2007 with one client, and in the past decade our Company has helped to cre- ate literally tens of thousands of winning women around the world. In addition to pageant queens, Bombshell Fitness clients have graced the covers of countless maga- zines, won thousands of bikini competition ti- tles (including Miss Olympia), performed as A-list entertainers and actresses, become ac- complished businesswomen, are college stu- dents, moms, and everything in between. Our