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your look ● hairstyles By Liz Everett Swept Up in Glamour Simple, side-swept perfection for your big event FINISH W e’ve all been there. A big event is looming in our future, and while we’d like to simply look for- ward with eager excitement, we can’t help but feel a bit concerned. Will our dress be perfect? What about our makeup? And how will we make it through the entire event with perfectly coiffed hair? Perfection can be intimidating, and creating the perfect side swept chignon for Red Carpet or a pageant event seems as though it would be super stressful. Luckily, our Pageantry Beauty team is here to show you a perfectly easy way to achieve this classic look. The objective is to create a hairstyle that will last through the night, look amazing in every photo, and have you shining like the queen you are! It is all about confidence when you wear your hair in a style like this, so embrace every ounce of it while rocking this glamorous style! WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 1) Chi Maximized Volume Hairspray 2) Farouk Rapid Shine Shine Enhancer 3) Bobby Pins 4) 1 Inch Curling Iron 5) Alligator Bill Pin Clips 6) Teasing Brush PIN CURL & LIGHTLY TEASE You may be asking, “Why should I start with pin curling when it is an up-do?” Doing it this way creates lasting vol- ume and shape. It is a trick I learned working society balls in New York City this past year. I prefer a 1 inch iron, long 14 PAGEANTRY Model: Rebecca Chisolm Hair: Jasmine Brightman Photographer: Nina Haaskivi alligator pin curl clips, and a light tease in the hair as you go. Be sure to spray the hair lightly with hairspray as you pin curl. LET HAIR DOWN As you let the hair down and pull the pin curl alligator clips out, use your fingers to lightly pull the curls apart, and be sure to reinforce the desired volume before you start styling the hair. START STYLING AT THE CROWN To get the perfect bump, I like to gather the hair in the center and pin it both ways to add additional support for the style. Make sure the bump is smooth and secure before you move on to the next section. Spray the hair lightly again, and use the teasing brush to smooth out any imperfections. SCOOP & TWIRL For this particular gown we are going to create a side swept chignon. You can also add a headband at the end if you want a Great Gatsby feel. We will begin by taking large sections of the hair and twisting them toward the head as we pin them. Be sure to use a minimum of 2 pins per twist- ed section to be sure it will stay all night. Keep twisting to allow the hair to take shape as you intertwine the locks.