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your look ● makeup By Larissa Lake “Gilty” Pleasure For glowing winter eyes that rival the embers in your fireplace, follow our simple technique O nce again, the world outside your window is merrily changing, but why should Mother Na- ture have all the fun? One of the most exciting things about the changing seasons is that it gives us the opportunity to reflect those changes in our own look. As fall makes its exit, Old Man Winter enters the scene, bringing with him eagerly antic- ipated family gatherings and holiday soirées. This is the time of year to see and be seen, so make it count with peepers that pop! Whether you’re batting your lashes over a champagne flute or gazing through the steam arising from a hot cup of cocoa, your eyes should take center stage. Baby, it’s cold outside, so why not warm up your winter look with this step-by-step makeup tutorial for smoldering winter eyes? PREP Let’s be honest, flawless makeup requires flawless skin. First and foremost, your daily regimen should always in- clude an SPF. Winter rays are just as damaging as summer rays, so keep that sunscreen handy! I swear by PCA Skin Weightless Protector. PRIME Always start your eye shadow application with an eye primer. This will help keep your shadow in place and allow for easier blending of shadows. For this look, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion and then added a touch of MAC Alyssa Rae Taglia is Miss Connecticut 2016 who recently graced the stage in Atlantic City. She is an avid dancer, instructor and mentor in addition to promoting her platform, “Smiles for Seniors”- Enriching the Lives of Seniors Across America. BEFORE Photo By Carrie Draghi 14 PAGEANTRY AFTER PREP