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your look ● hairstyles By Yulia Riebman This holiday season, go big with your hairstyle for the perfect red carpet appearance look and be sure to steal the show PHOTO BY TED WEST GoBIGor GoHome W inter is that time of the year when we feel fes- tive and fierce, with the holidays and subse- quent events creating that shared desire to look our best. On the other hand, it’s time to pay extra attention to the health aspect of the hair and skin due to a lack of vitamins and sun, and cold weather. But what can be a better representation of the healthy hair than lots of BIG volume and shine? The latest beauty trends are moving toward the undone, unruly, natural, and, most importantly, healthy looks. The season itself makes us crave warm colors and cozy feelings, so this winter we are witnessing a lot of tasseled waves, down styles, and braids combined with warm caramel, tof- fee, and latte hues. The Pageantry Beauty Team prepared the perfect volu- minous hairstyle for you to rock on any occasion this sea- son. To demonstrate, we’ve chosen beautiful Masha Mozgovaya with her gorgeous, healthy, and naturally straight hair. Due to its silky texture, this type of hair typi- cally requires some extra tricks to add volume and we are sharing them with you here below: HEALTHY FOUNDATION During cold winter months make sure to give your hair extra TLC by using nourishing hair masks once a week and protecting spray any time you apply heat, whether a blow drier or an iron, as recommended by Jen Pelz, Aveda team educator and Pageantry Assistant Beauty Director. Masha Mozgovaya is a featured model in the Pageantry & PromTime 2016 Fashion Showcase that will debut as a “sneak peek” in the digital ver- sion of this very issue. You can see the 2016 Fashion Showcase at take a U-shaped section on the top of your head where it curves, and starting at the crown go all the way to the front hairline. Clip the top section away. DO YOUR PREP WORK Next, curl the entire head all the way up to that clipped away section by using a large 2-inch barrel curling iron and thermal memory spray to help it hold. Take a smaller, hor- izontal subsection on each side of the head and curl them in a motion away from the face toward the middle of the head. Gently drop the curl allowing it to cool down with- out messing with it too much. RUFFLE THE BASE OUTLINE YOUR SECTIONS Take time to properly section your hair before curling, as it will make the entire process easy and fast. You want to di- vide your hair in two major sections along the middle and 30 PAGEANTRY When you get to that top section take three small, hor- izontal subsections at the crown and crimp the base of them with a crimper first, then switch back to your 2-inch curl- ing iron to curl the hair away from your face. Continue with