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your look ● makeup By Andrea Loper PHOTO BY TED WEST As Bold as Ice There’s a crucial difference between cold and cool when it comes to your winter makeup look, and knowing it can help you own your atmosphere T rue confidence is being in control of your atmos- phere. As the winter temperatures drop you can confidently own your atmosphere as a soft, beau- tiful “Ice Queen.” Winter looks don’t always need to inspire visions of warm, jewel tones. The prettiest makeup for winter can be radiant and beautifully frost bitten. While summer is all about being sun kissed and bronzed to perfection, winter makeup can be excep- tionally versatile going from soft to bold on a perfect porce- lain palette. When you are inspired to own your atmosphere as a beautiful and confident “Ice Queen,” let your entire look translate your vision. Our model, Molly, was the perfect modern muse for this look with her delicate yet detailed dress of cool, shimmering, and mesmerizing icicle-inspired crystals. A seamless balance of soft, cool makeup tones on flawless looking ivory skin elevates the beauty of her over- all look. It provides flexibility as a perfect palette on its own or a foundation to go from soft to more dramatic with a few extra rich color additions and brush strokes. The main idea is to focus on highlighting your beauty in a way that looks effortless yet impeccable. Versatility is the cool factor with soft, shimmery tones enhancing your best features. Being an “Ice Queen” is em- powering and this look is all about you being in control of your environment. You set the tone for your setting. Strob- ing and highlighting are the central elements that tie your icy look together, which gives you the ideal foundation to build around it for any wardrobe change, function, or event. A FLAWLESS FOUNDATION In order to create flawless radiance, the skin must start as 14 PAGEANTRY BEFORE Molly Pate was selected as Miss MAAI 2015 in South Miami Beach, Florida. She is also a featured model in the Pageantry & PromTime 2016 Fashion Showcase. a flawless palette. Hydrating to prep the skin with the ap- propriate moisturizer for your skin type is essential so that every strobing beam of light glides on the face and melts right in. After hydrating, apply a brightening, peach-toned concealer under the eyes to highlight and a lightweight foundation to allow the beauty of your skin to shine. Once you have your foundation and concealer applied, you can adjust the coverage to enhance your skin in the best possible light. Set your foundation with a loose, translucent powder. This keeps your foundation in place while enhanc- ing your porcelain glow. For a little extra iciness, you can swap a flat translucent powder for a translucent powder with a light shimmer. SPARKLE IN YOUR EYES Now that you have perfected your palette, prime your eyelid with a reflective eye shadow primer that adds a sub- tle sparkle. Add a touch of eyeshadow primer under your eye right on the lash line as well so that your whole eye is