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Teen Titan Like the superheroes she emulated in the 2015 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen pageant, Olivia McMillan uses her crowning to empower other young women F PHOTO BY JENN CADY 58 PAGEANTRY ifty-two of the nation’s most extraordinary heroes assembled in Orlando, Florida in a show of soli- darity and empowerment for the millennial gen- eration of which they represent. Was it the Avengers or the Legion of Super-Heroes gather- ing in the City Beautiful to face some super-human threat? No. It was the 2015 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen pag- eant and its amazing assembly of delegates arriving to com- pete for this prestigious title. Four-time host Greg Hutson and co-host Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri presented the 2015 MAOTeen competition as a super-charged comic book superhero-inspired event that really highlighted the exceptional and heroic work these young role models pro- vide for their communities. POW! The curtain on the Linda Chapin theater stage dropped and the energetic opening ceremony was under- way. A video montage of the 52 young women featured each delegate in a comic book panel springing to life as they introduced themselves, what state they represented and what unique “super-power” they each possessed. Though these special young ladies helped raise more than $1.7 mil- lion through charity work, they also share a lot in common with most ordinary teenagers Zing! —in a flash, the crowd of contenders was slimmed down to the Top 12: Raghen Lucy of North Dakota (America’s Choice), Cereyna Jade Bougouneau of the Vir- gin Islands (America’s Choice), Abigail Schwartz of Col- orado, Casey Shepard of Virginia, Morgan Holen of Nebraska, Olivia McMillan of Georgia, Alisha Gatchel of Michigan, Page Mackenzie Weinstein of Pennsylvania, Kassidy Brown of Texas, Michaela McLean of Florida, Lexie Perry of Tennessee, and Morgan Green of Alabama. After introducing and interviewing the current MAO- Teen Leah Sykes and her parents— BAM! — Greg and Nina commenced with the Lifestyle and Fitness competition. The event started with a dance number featuring the 52 contestants and then gave way to the 12 semifinalist con- testants, outfitted in athletic training gear, displaying their