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features ● imta 2013 A Global Quest for Success Once again, the IMTA convention in New York City has helped fill our Pageantry & PromTime Fashion Showcase pages with today’s rising stars in modeling N ew York City in the summertime can mean only one thing to everyone who celebrates the glam- our lifestyle—the International Model and Tal- ent Association convention. The summer season in the Big Apple has become undeniably associ- ated with our annual trek to IMTA in search of not only the top new faces to grace the annual Pageantry & Prom- Time Fashion Showcase, but also to help scout the future stars of tomorrow. These new IMTA discoveries may become as well known as the current stable of household names we bring to you from each new IMTA convention. Need a reminder of the successes and discoveries provided at IMTA? Do the names of Eva Longoria, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes, Brooke Burns, Ashley Greene, Raini Rodriguez, Lyndsy Fonseca, Amy Acker, and Alyson Stoner sound familiar? How about Aaron Paul, Ashton Kutcher, Brandon Routh, Elijah Wood, Branden Rickman, Tyson Ballou, Josh Duhamel, Seann William Scott, Riley Smith, and Moises Arias? Of course they do. Many of these IMTA discoveries you see weekly on your television or in the latest blockbuster movies. Each one, and many more, were discovered at IMTA and the list of household names continues to grow with each convention. Welcome to the International Model and Talent Associ- ation—with International being the key word for IMTA. Throughout the many years of working with IMTA, we have been fortunate enough to witness their explosive growth, both within the United States and now across the globe. The summer New York IMTA convention brought new models, faces, talents, and cultures together for the top agents and scouts across the glamour lifestyle mediums of modeling, acting, singing, dance, and songwriting. In addi- 96 PAGEANTRY tion to hundreds of aspiring stars from America, the IMTA convention showcased talent and scouts from such foreign locales as South Africa, Puerto Rico, Canada, Finland, and the newly formed group from China. With the diversity of the IMTA runway, it was an exciting and electric atmos- phere in the global melting pot of New York City. IMTA is much more than a modeling and talent con- vention. Yes, models walk the runway, actors perform their monologues, and singer-songwriters showcase their talents to industry label representatives. But IMTA also teaches the basic fundamentals of the industry through its work- shops and seminars. Are you a parent of an aspiring child model or actor? What’s the difference between an agent and manager? What do you need to know before venturing into the business? All these questions and more can be an- swered during the IMTA convention. And who teaches these in-depth workshops and seminars? Who better to teach us about the nuances of the entertainment industry than the very people searching for their next big star—the top scouts, agents, and managers in the industry. While we enjoy bringing you the latest IMTA discovery, our scouts attend IMTA to cast models to appear in the world’s largest on-site photo shoot, the Pageantry & Prom- Time Fashion Showcase. This 32-page fashion spread, fea-