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PHOTOS COURTESY OF DIGITAL iCANDY Purple Reign Seven lucky and well-deserving young women earned their new crowns and titles at the Royal International Miss Pageant I t makes perfect sense. The color purple is synonymous with royalty, and the Royal International Miss Pag- eant is synonymous with purple, thus making a per- fect pairing for the 2013 Royal International Miss finals. Delegates from across the country travelled to pageant central—Orlando, Florida—to compete for the seven prestigious national titles bestowed by Royal Interna- tional Miss. Royal International Miss week began with an amazing dinner and “get acquainted competition,” during which the delegates were assigned to teams that then participated in exciting games and competitions, all designed to build last- ing bonds and friendships between the young ladies. By the excited sounds and energy exhibited throughout the evening, it was perfectly clear that it would be a night to re- member for everyone involved. While the parties were great fun, Royal International Miss was ready to anoint seven new queens. The RIM na- tional finals officially kicked off with a fantastic array of op- tional competitions, including the signature Royal Top Model, in which the delegates participate in an on-location photo shoot and gain invaluable experience as to what it feels like to shoot a fashion commercial with fans blowing and flashes popping. Who knows? Maybe the next major fashion model received her inspiration here at Royal Inter- national Miss. In a must-see event, the second part of the optional competition transported the delegates to the run- ways of Paris and Milan, where they worked the catwalk in 78 PAGEANTRY fashion forward outfits of their choice. This being Royal International Miss, purple is a major theme throughout the week and all competitions incorpo- rate the royal designation whenever possible, especially within the Project Purple competition. Project Purple is highly anticipated by the contestants and supporters alike in a fun event which showcases the amazing creativity and in- dividual style of each young person. The RIM participants are provided with two yards of purple fabric during registra- tion and instructed to design an outfit of their choices. All rules are out-the-window as they design, cut, glue and em- bellish to fashionista perfection. This is truly the opportuni- ty for future designers to practice their unique brands of fashion and for that inner designer to spring to life. After creating the Project Purple collections, each delegate took to the Royal International Miss runway while modeling their individual creations in a plethora of purple, which brought the audience to its collective feet. In a finale to the day of RIM optional competitions, the amazing contestants per- formed in talent, spokesmodel and actress competitions. With optional competitions complete, it was time to take a breather during the evening and party at the 50’s Sock Hop Dinner & Dance Party. As the contestants ar- rived replete in their 50’s fashions, they were greeted with special gift bags full of goodies before dancing the night away to the vocal talents of Double Date, who performed classic 50’s hits. Though lots of food and fun were on the menu, the Royal International Miss finals would com- mence in earnest the following morning. The morning of Interview competition arrived with the RIM delegates bright-eyed, eager and wearing their favorite