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your look ● hairstyles By Yulia Konstantinova-Riebman Waves of Glamour Take a page from the classic summer styles this season and invoke the old Hollywood style of loose, flowing hair for your competitions and events T here’s something about the flowing, feminine shape of soft waves that embodies modern Hol- lywood glamour and casual elegance, making this fabulous style the No. 1 choice for this winter season. One would usually think of loose waves as more of a summer trend, because of its effortless and beachy feel—but ladies, I’ve got good news for you—this trend, and texture in general, is being carried on through the much cooler days of winter. The fluid shape of the waves with a part down the mid- dle can look pretty and unassuming. And what makes it a perfect, everyday look is that you can wear it with a hat and still feel feminine and elegant. Not to mention that having your hair down is a great option for chilly winter weather, as it gives you that cozy and warm feeling. Leading fashion houses and celebrity hairstylists are all about texture this season. This allows us a great deal of choices, from natural, soft, combed-back hair, to slightly frizzy and teased, to deep-side parted glossy waves resem- bling the classic eras of Hollywood in the 20s and 40s. This trendy style will look gorgeous on our model Jessica’s long, naturally-beautiful hair. Not only does it add texture and even more volume, it also fits her lifestyle perfectly, as we all know how important it is, especially for models and pag- eant contestants, to stay effortless-yet-ready in between photo shoots and events. No matter what the occasion is—this style is a winner, and I am going to share some easy steps on how you can achieve this look. GETTING STARTED Start with brushing 100 percent dry hair with a paddle brush to remove any tangles. If time doesn’t allow, power 28 PAGEANTRY Jessica VerSteeg is a print model and commericial actress based out of NYC and Miami and has modeled for brands such as Tony Bowls, Oscar De La Renta, GQ, Direct TV, Just for Men, FHM and Sports Illustrated. dry your hair without a nozzle for extra volume. When you use heat, always mist your hair with thermal protectant spray prior. Pageantry Stylist Emily Pole advises that any type of curl will hold much longer if done on hair that was left to air dry. SECTIONING IS THE KEY Proper sectioning is always one of the most important steps and will make your life much easier. You will get done with the technique faster and you won’t mess up freshly made curls by preventing frizz. Isolate the top portion of your hair, at the line where your head curves, evenly on both