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your look ● makeup By Sommer Isdale Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire Take your personal glamour to a new level with the “Smoldering Eye” look that can be perfect for your beautiful evening gown or a night on the town W inter is all about the holidays, parties and spe- cial events. The only question is what will you look like when you show up to these festivi- ties? In terms of makeup, this is your chance to really go dramatic with your eyes or a bit bolder on your overall look. This social season, the trend is all about velvety-smooth skin and a deep, dark eye, as you can see on our model Raighley. I call this particular makeup look the “Smoldering Eye.” It’s perfect for a Christmas party or even a night out on the town with your girlfriends. The great thing about it is that you can wear it with a cocktail dress or a pair of jeans and a blazer. Since the fashion this season is to go bold with the eye and keep the face neutral, you can always change the lip color for something a bit brighter if you are feeling jolly. When applying eye shadow, be careful not to overload your brush with too much product. Since this is a very dark eye, it can easily turn into a black eye, so only load your brush with a small amount of shadow each time. Beware: If you decide to go with this look, you are sure to attract the right attention from the opposite sex and plenty of compli- ments from your friends because of how sophisticated and elegant you will look. My makeup assistant, Julie Beecher, says that one of the biggest mistakes women make is putting black eye shadow on their entire lid and bottom lash line and thinking they have created a smokey eye. Her advice is to blend thor- 14 PAGEANTRY Raighley Sue Shaw is currently a model with First Models & Talent, and was discovered by Pageantry CEO Carl Dunn at IMTA where she earned an Honorable Mention in the Commercial Print catagory. She is also a featured model in next issue’s Pageantry & PromTime 2014 Fashion Showcase. BEFORE oughly and never pile on layers and layers of black eye shadow. Build the color slowly and blend in between. BUILDING YOUR BASE After washing the face thoroughly to ensure all makeup is removed, we moisturize and prime Raighley’s entire face so the makeup lies smoothly on the skin and lasts all day. I used Airbrush Foundation, which is a base coat where the airbrush gun sprays the foundation onto the skin. It can last up to 16 hours and leaves a flawless, smooth finish on the face. Immediately, set the face with translucent powder