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The New Royal Family ROYALTY REIGNS: Miss Royal Dynasty Angela Overton receives her crown. The Royal Dynasty International Pageants system is one of the fastest growing of its kind, with spectacular competition lined up from around the world ugust 2 marked a new beginning and a milestone for a lucky and amazing group of girls and women, as they gathered in Orlando, Florida, from across the globe. These women have written the first page of what will undoubtedly be a long, glorious history book for the brand new Royal Dynasty International Pageants. As the delegates and contestants may have enrolled in this inaugural competition with their hopes set on winning new crowns, they all walked away knowing that not only were they part of something so special, but they had set the standard for the ladies that will follow in their footsteps. The competition began with an exciting day and evening for the delegates, as they started out with orientation and headed straight into their first rehearsals. The contestants had fun that night with a PJ Party with all the girls, and they even participated in a video that they created for the pageant. Each delegate received presents not only from the pageant director, Susan Pardee, but from each other, along with special surprises from sponsors, who gave all of the Princesses a gift certificate and dresses to the Miss, Teen and Teenagers. It was a fun time for all, as they had an op- portunity to really meet each other and to make friends and last- ing relationships. The next day started with rehearsals first thing in the morning. The girls were learning their steps for the opening number, and everyone was a little nervous. After rehearsals it was off to the pool for a fun photo shoot in the Florida sun. Some of the girls were A afraid their makeup would melt, but the Princesses didn’t have that concern because they don’t wear makeup in a natural pageant like Royal Dynasty. On Wednesday, it was time to get down to business, as it was the day before the pageants and the delegates were ready to take to the stage, starting with rehearsals first thing in the morning as the delegates went over their opening number and prepared for the Optional Pageants, which were that night. The all-important interviews were also on Wednesday. First were the round-robin interviews for the Tiny, Little and Princess delegates. Each of the young ladies had one minute with each of the judges, who looked at their bios and chose questions to ask them based on something of interest. This way the young ladies would be able to answer since it was something that they had knowledge of. The Tiny, Little & Princess delegates were so cute in their suits and dresses. They each had their pictures taken be- fore they went into interview, by themselves, with friends, and with their moms. The Miss, Teen and Teenager delegates were up next. These young ladies were ready for their interviews with the judges, and each had a five-minute interview. What was so great was that sev- eral young ladies from different countries were being interviewed, MISS ROYAL DYNASTY 90 MISS TEEN ROYAL DYNASTY MISS TEENAGER ROYAL DYNASTY PRINCESS ROYAL DYNASTY LITTLE PRINCESS ROYAL DYNASTY TINY PRINCESS ROYAL DYNASTY ANGELA OVERTON GABRIELLA GATEHOUSE GABRIELA FLORES MELISSA OAKES FAITH JACKSON JORDYN TYNSKY PAGEANTRY INTERNATIONAL TITLEHOLDERS