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MODELING & TALENT IMTAshowcase This Time It Was Personal ANDRE DUNN Pageantry’s Carl and Snejanna Dunn and their sons, offer us an inside look at how to prepare for and succeed at IMTA. ver the years, we’ve come to recognize the household names discovered during the convention of the International Modeling and Talent Association, bet- ter known as IMTA. In fact, many in the industry have become familiar with IMTA through the pages of Pageantry magazine. Two times per year, we have trekked to Los Angeles in January and New York City in July to bring you the newest discoveries that grace the world’s runways, advertising campaigns, and especially your nightly television fa- vorites and blockbuster movies. We all know the names—Ashton Kutcher, Eva Longoria, Katie Holmes, Jessica Biel, Ashley Green, Josh Duhamel, Moises Arias, Lyndsy Fonseca, Seann William Scott, Elijah Wood, Brandon Routh, Raini Rodriguez, Grayson Gettys, Beverly Peele—and the list goes on. Although there are other qualified con- ventions in the industry, no other talent and modeling convention can lay claim to such an impressive list of alumni as IMTA. But what does it take to truly succeed at IMTA? And how does someone define success? During a con- versation with IMTA CEO Nancy Mancuso, the op- portunity to find out first-hand presented itself. Nancy invited the young sons of Pageantry’s Carl and Snejanna Dunn—Austin (11 years) and Andre (8 years)—to New York City for the July 2012 conven- tion for a behind-the-scenes experience, as they learned what it takes to come to IMTA and perform in front of the industry’s top agents, scouts, and man- agers. Everyone would learn something new in New York, in their normal capacity as scouts for Pageantry and PromTime magazines, as well as parents. O AUSTIN DUNN 50 PAGEANTRY