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NEWS & VIEWS sociallyspeaking Diana Hay Photography On Pageantry magazine’s Facebook page [] we receive your comments and questions and we read and appreciate every single one. The following is a sampling your comments and letters: Thank you to Pageantry magazine and John Robert Powers for adding my work to your magazine. When I saw it, it was like a child- hood dream coming true. I am truly honored and always will be. I am hoping to work with you in the future, and to all of the pageant community good luck in all of your challenges reaching your dream... It takes a lot of hard work but you can do it no matter how small it is or big, IT CAN BE DONE! Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Thanks to Pageantry magazine for their con- tinued support. Don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with all the latest pageantry news! Amy Diaz Olivia is truly stunning! So proud of this young lady, she’s simply exceptional! YAY LIL RHODY! ♥ Pageantry magazine :) Nikki Clark I wanted to take a little time out of my very busy schedule to say THANK YOU for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to at- tend International Junior Miss 2012. It is al- ways a pleasure to have you, Snejanna and the boys. Again, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Natalie Kay Lawrence Best of luck with the Fashion Showcase this year! I’m sure the week will be amazing for all of the models, just like last year! Have a blast! Alina Pokidova Christiana DiNardo Junior Teen America So excited I was able to see Mr. Dunn again! :) Pageantry is my favorite magazine that I love to read it over and over again. Thank you so much again for being a part of this amazing Pageantry and PromTime maga- zine Fashion Showcase! I am so grateful that I got to work with the best team that I could wish for, and the whole week of shooting went perfect! Great work, very professional people on our team, can’t wait for the outcome of this piece of art. ♥ I miss you, guys! Shannon Rae Folsom Ann Lee Wow, such an inspiration for young people to fight such an ugly blight in today’s world! A platform that is really worth pushing! Thanks for the coverage. [see Fall 2012 edition: Teen Scene - A Time to Fight Back] 12 PAGEANTRY So thankful to have had such an amazing summer. Special thanks to Carl Dunn and Pageantry & PromTime for allowing me to top my summer vacation off with an incredible week at the 2013 Fashion Showcase shoot in Orlando! Girls—Be sure to catch the Fashion Showcase in the Spring 2013 issue of Pageantry magazine!