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YOUR LOOK fitness By Dr. Harvey Jenkins In theZeronaSome of the most famous facesin recent winners’ circles havetaken advantage of a remarkablenew laser process very competing woman knows that over the last twoE years, pageant contestants such as Morgan Woolard (1st runner-up at Miss USA 2010), Emoly West (Lifestyle and Fitness winner, 4th runner-up Miss America 2011), Lacey Russ (Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2011),Heidi Ducato (1st runner-up, Mrs. International) and KimberlyMcDowell (Mrs. U.S. Beauties 2011) have all known that thecompetitive stage all comes down to subtleties. BEFORE There’s a checklist for women as they prepare for their bigevents. The fitting of the interview dress on the body, the swim-suit, and the evening gown are all checked for precision. Theyshould not look tight. Instead, they should look like they arepoured on. Taping should not be needed at this point. The de-signer gown should evoke a feeling of magic when it fits, likeCinderella at the ball. The custom made dress should defy thelaws of design and gravity and look edgy but not trashy. The waythe body negotiates the fashion is the indication of our success inbody sculpting. It may sound unnecessarily stressful to undergo this type ofscrutiny in the midst of a pageant preparation protocol that is al-ready sufficiently stressful, but what we have learned in the years ofdoing this type of work is that the champion mind will do what-ever it takes to win. The competition community has taught usthat sense of spirit. We live by it and are fueled to help the nextchampion on her rendezvous with fame. Although different competitors will require different strategies PHOTOS BY DR. HARVEY JENKINSand treatment protocols to produce the most exceptional physiqueThe BEFORE and AFTER example illustrates 3 weeks of Zerona treatments—a new non-invasive body sculpting laser designed to instantly remove fat and contour the body withoutinvasive surgery. The Zerona laser safely emulsifies fatty tissue by causing pores to form inthe fat cell through which the contained fat droplet can be expelled into tissue space. It iscompletely painless, does not involve bleeding, and requires no recovery period. AFTER62 PAGEANTRY