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YOUR LOOK makeup By Yahaira RosarioLet your DivaShineThe winter season can seem bleakand colorless, but simple tones andstyles can be your eyes’ best friends he winter season of 2011 welcomes warm tones as ourT skin tends to lighten from lack of exposure to the sun. These tones give the effect of looking as if we were kissed by the sun, an overall appearance of warmth. In order to achieve this look, the color palette would con-sist of browns, mauves, greens, and champagne colors. This palette,along with the manner in which the makeup is applied, creates theavenue to a perfect look for the winter season. The application of the makeup is designed to make you feel comfortable with a smoky eye look, while at the same time feeling I chose to apply the warmer tones on our model Nikki because like you are not wearing too much makeup. This is a fashionableshe is of a fair skin tone and I wanted to bring out her warmer look you can wear every day by switching the placement of eyetones. I created a smoky look using neutral colors that complement shadow colors around your eyes.any eye or skin color. I applied a bronzer on the cheek, making it A great tip for applying this style is to have a variety of neutralappear sun-kissed, and a nude shade to her lips. This is a great trend colors to play with as well as some great brushes to apply your for winter to accentuate the eyes makeup. Let’s start experimenting with different application tech- without drowning them in bright col- niques so it looks as if a professional did it. ors. Winter 2011 is all about simple application and flawless looks. 1. LURKING IN SHADOWS Applying an eye shadow base to the eyes acts as an adhesive for the eye shadow to stick. Choose the lightest color in your palette Model Nikki Poteet, Miss Virginia USA 2011, is and with a small, flat eye shadow brush softly swipe it across the a 24-year old resident of Richmond, VA. She has eyelid. Then take your second-to-darkest color with a crease brush, a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical En- gineering, and completed her Master of Science apply to your crease and blend it out and up so as to not have a degree in Nuclear Engineering. She has a sincere harsh line. Now use the darkest color in your palette, apply it to the love for music, having played the saxophone for outer corner of the eye to darken the look. This will give you the over 12 years. Snowboarding, wakeboarding, and smoky eye effect. Using an eyeliner color of your choice, line the astronomy are among her favorite hobbies. top of your eye—by dragging the eyeliner out past the edge of your BEFORE34 PAGEANTRY