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MODELING & TALENT DBK PRESIDENT KARLIE LOLAND modeling By Eve Matheson Time Honored Traditions New York City and Washington D.C. played host to two historical events for the modeling and entertainment industries he 25th anniversary of the International Modeling and The school directors honored were Diane Dick, Voloney T Talent Association in New York City was a triumph of success over adversity. Given the staggering disaster of the global economy, an amazing number of modeling agents came from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and the United States. Just as amazing was the number of casting directors, talent agents, managers, drama coach- es, runway experts, makeup artists, and photographers who joined White, Janie Head, and Margaret O’Brien, whose award was ac- cepted by Wendi Davis. Kudos to Curtis Davis, a remarkable young man who produced a runway show worthy of Paris or Milan, using ingénue models he had miraculously trained in just 24 hours. BARBIZON’S MESSAGE TO BULLIES them, making this the biggest celebration in IMTA history. I was invited to participate in the llth Annual DC Showcase of At the first event, which was the Team Competition, the South the Barbizon USA-JMT Management organization held in Wash- African contingent rocked the ballroom. As I sat at the judges’ ington, DC. A true highlight of the many events was a presenta- table I realized that it was Nelson Mandela’s 93rd birthday. Coin- tion by The Dream, Believe, Know It (DBK) Foundation, which cidence or not, it was an added inspiration to applaud. was started in the summer of 2006 by a dynamic young industry Nancy Mancuso, IMTA’s Chief Operating Officer, looked the professional, Daryl Washington. picture of health and vitality, having made a spectacular recovery Daryl’s group had about from an “annus horribilis” of serious illness and personal loss. 15 minutes to get its mes- Nancy is notorious for shunning the spotlight, preferring to be sage across, due to Barbi- seen and heard backstage rather than onstage—a rare quality in an zon’s packed schedule. industry economical with humility. She did, however, glow with The focus was on bullying, appreciation at the applause as she welcomed everyone. which has become ram- She has been with IMTA since the beginning, and I asked her pant in schools and on the why she felt the silver jubilee anniversary was such a success de- Internet. The boys and spite competition from a growing number of similar events, and of girls taking part had been course the economy. She said, “All credit goes to my IMTA mem- recruited from contestants. bers—the school directors—who did a fabulous recruiting job. The They wore Anti-Bullying quality of the models and talent was unbelievable; and how nice t-shirts, which DBK had that was for our 25th!” designed as part of their Honored for 25 years of constant support were industry celebri- campaign to fight this ties, including Heinz Holba, Michael Flutie, Joan Stephens, scourge. The presentation Arthur Bronfin, Clair Sinnett, David Vando, Joe Hunter, Karen was so powerful that at the Lee, and Cindy Kazarian. end, the audience of more DARYL WASHINGTON 28 PAGEANTRY MODELING Continued on page 94