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your look ● hairstyles Quick Change Artists Variety is the spice of life, so cook up some new looks with a textured bun or a glamorous ponytail from the expert team at CHI by Farouk systems Finish with CHI Spray Wax for a sleek hold and shine. This is one ponytail that has def- initely outgrown the playground! S ometimes a lady just needs a change, and celebri- ties are experts at switching up their look for dif- ferent events. From red carpet to after-party, the stars of stage and screen understand the value of transformation. However, you don’t need to be a star to want to alter your shine. Maybe you’re hoping to create a variety of looks for different pageant competi- tions, or perhaps you simply have multiple activities planned for which you’d like to rework your appearance. For whatever the reason, it’s essential to have an arsenal of ideas at your disposal to help you successfully pull off your quick-change act. Are you at a loss for how to perform such transforma- tions? Well, have no fear! The Pageantry beauty team is here to help you gain ideas and confidence. Inspired by celebrities such as Charlize Theron and Chrissy Teigen, they’ll walk you through the process of quickly creating a new you. LOOK #1: THERON’S GLAM PONY No one oozes glamour more than Charlize Theron, and her sleek ponytail is anything but child’s play. If you start- ed the day with loose silky tresses, this glam pony is the perfect way to step into the night. Step: 1. Begin by sectioning off the front of the hair and prepping with CHI Spray Wax. Step: 2.Then pull hair into a low, smooth ponytail. Step: 3.Take out one piece of hair from the ponytail, spray with CHI Helmet Head Hairspray, and wrap the hair around the ponytail. Secure this with a pin. FINISH Using the CHI Ellipse Hair Styling Iron, our stylist smooths the ponytail and curls it slightly under. Now, spray the front section with CHI Hel- met Head Hairspray for volume and hold. To add height, back comb the underside of the front section, then smooth the front and sweep it to one side of the face. 14 PAGEANTRY CHARLIZE THERON