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your look ● makeup By Shelby Sullivan PHOTO BY TED WEST Simply Summer From long sunny days to warm summer nights, a light and fresh makeup palette will help you put your best face forward this season S ummer is the perfect time to let your natural beauty shine through. Glowing, bronzed skin with a dewy finish is an absolute must. While this season is a good time to sport a bare face here and there, summer is also a fantastic time to play with color—the brightest and boldest looks are appropriate for any occasion. Yet, summer is all about being care-free, and nobody wants to worry about their makeup melting and having to touch it up every hour. By keeping the look sim- ple and minimal, you’ll be naturally flawless all day long. Who better to sport this beach bunny look than our beautiful model, Carly? Carly has the perfect sandy canvas to work with, and her gorgeous sea blue eyes complement our summer colors nicely. This fresh look is about enhanc- ing your features, instead of reinforcing them. Keeping your makeup minimal is a very important tip. Cakey, full coverage makeup won’t be very comfortable on a hot summer day. Something light on the skin that pro- vides coverage, while still allowing your skin to breathe is key. Staying minimal throughout your day will also allow you to pump up your look later on in the day by popping on a brighter lip, more color on the cheeks, and maybe even a liner to define the eyes. Let’s get started! Skin is the star of the show in the summertime, so why cover it up with a heavy full coverage foundation? For Carly, we used a tinted moisturizer. A tinted moisturizer is not only going to give a nice, even, light coverage, but it’s also going to moisturize the skin. Tinted moisturizers even contain SPF (sun protection factor), meaning your makeup is doubling as your sunscreen, which is extremely impor- tant. We set our base with a loose, translucent powder which gives us a very “skin-like” finish. STEP 1: PREP STEP 3: CHEEKS For the summertime, we want to make sure our skin is nourished and healthy. Sun and sweat can be a very tough obstacle for our skin, so prepping it correctly is very impor- tant. We prepped Carly’s skin by using the appropriate moisturizer for her skin’s specific needs. We then primed her skin with a makeup primer to give her makeup a stur- dy base to adhere to, assuring a flawless look all day long! The color on your cheeks is really going to scream “SUMMER!” Adding a slight contour to the hollows of the face will add shadow and definition where we want to see it. Doing this will help the face appear slimmer and more sculpted. After contouring, we want to bronze the skin with a bronzer to give the illusion of being sun kissed without the potential for harming your skin. Then, of course, a beautiful 14 PAGEANTRY BEFORE Carly Puccio is a runway and commercial fashion print model with Karen Shea Model Management. She is also a featured model in the Pageantry & PromTime 2016 Fashion Showcase. STEP 2: BASE