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your look ● makeup By Gozde Arisoy PHOTO BY TED WEST Let Your Soul Glow Creating a sun-kissed, glowing look is the perfect way to give the illusion of tanned and dewy skin for the summer T here is no debating that your skin looks its best in the summer. Why not make it look even bet- ter by adding a bit of glow? Your summer make- up style should be all about looking naturally radiant, but unfortunately most of us don’t wake up with perfectly dewy skin. Luckily, mastering that look is just a few brush strokes away if you are equipped with the right products. The key to achieving this effect is to keep your skin looking glowing, but not greasy. This is by far the most popular look during the summer months. You can apply this technique to all skin types, all year round, to remain fresh-faced with glowing, dewy skin. But remember, it is more important to keep your skin truly healthy, rather than applying products to the surface of your skin to give it a healthy appearance. Cleansing your skin properly, staying hydrated and getting proper rest are the keys to maintaining healthy skin. For our gorgeous model, Jessielyn, I chose only neutral shades for her eyes and face. I then added some pink tones on the cheeks and lips to make them complement her bright aqua blue eyes. So let’s take a look at the steps to achieving this glowing summer look. IT’S PRIME TIME! Primers are definitely the way to go for summer. They’re a great way to smooth out your skin so you have a clean blank canvas to work on when you apply your foundation. For this look it is important to start with a matte primer to prevent any shine and oily overload. 14 PAGEANTRY Jessielyn Palumbo is a two-time model in back-to-back Pageantry & PromTime Fashion Showcases, having been featured in the 2014 and 2015 photo-shoots. BEFORE BUILDING YOUR FOUNDATION Now it is time to get dewy. Grab an illuminating light- weight foundation or even a tinted moisturizer and apply it to your face with a damp beauty blender. You can even use a kabuki brush for a flawless and almost airbrushed look. If you need to cover any blemishes, use a cream conceal- er and blend well into the skin before applying your foun- dation. Don’t forget to bring down your foundation under your jawline toward your neck and blend well to prevent any harsh lines. FLASH YOUR SUMMER EYES It is summer, so it is HOT. For a long-lasting, non- creasing, and smudge-free look, always start with an eye primer. Beginning at the inner corner of your eyes, use an off-white matte eye shadow or any light color and pack it toward the mid-point of your eyelid. To give some depth to your crease, pick an eye shadow that is two shades darker than your skin tone, and using a