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your look ● makeup By Sommer Isdale In With Ombré The popular look that blends colors into a spectacular display is back in style for everything from your clothes to your makeup C olors that fade into each other, graduating from light to dark or vice versa, are most commonly known as Ombré. This is the craze for summer this year, whether it is your hair, clothes, or makeup, and we’re using it as the focus of our makeup tutorial in this issue. We want this makeup to glow, using golden shadows paired with a bright ombré lip. Wear this unique makeup on a day trip to the beach and you are sure to shine like the summer sun! Now, grab your sweet tea and makeup bag while you follow along below to create your perfect summer look. The “Ombré Lip” is playful yet striking and draws the right kind of attention from its bold lip selection. It is the perfect choice for fun summer makeup because this season is all about gallant, bright colors and trying out new tech- niques to wear with your pink mini dress. The eyes for this makeup look are very versatile, using the golden shadow and classic cat eyeliner. Since you will be wearing two lip colors, you have to be careful not to smudge the colors to- gether, and the look works best when you are in a playful mood because it is a bit funky. When choosing the two lip colors that you will be fad- ing into one another, select colors that are drastic enough in color so that you will be able to tell a noticeable difference in shade. If you choose lip shades that are too close in color, they will blend together. Another key ingredient for the ombré lip is selecting lipsticks that dry matte. The reason for this is when you apply the lipstick it will go on wet but finish completely dry, so that when you touch your lips to- gether, the colors will not mix, thus you will keep the ombré gradient intact and the colors separate. My makeup assistant, Jules Beecher, says this gorgeous 14 PAGEANTRY Miss Ohio Teen USA 2012 Kendall Fein currently attends Ohio University. She is a featured model in the Pageantry & PromTime 2014 Fashion Showcase. Kendall is a model with New View Model Management. BEFORE summer ombré lip would typically be worn at a beach party. However, if you want to get a little fancy for the evening and drop in on some nightclubs with your girlfriends, this look would be perfection, too. DO YOUR PREP WORK Begin by moisturizing the face with an illuminating moisturizer that gives the skin a nice glow. Then, use a foundation brush to prime the entire face so the makeup lies smoothly on the skin and lasts all day. EYEING THE RIGHT COLOR For this particular look, we start with the eyes so that if there is any fallout from the eye shadow, you can easily wipe it off directly after this step before moving onto the foun-