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your look ● hairstyles By Kristy Schanel No Faux Pas Faux Bob You don’t have to chop that gorgeous long hair to achieve a short look to remain cool and fun this summer F PHOTO BY TED WEST Model Briley Hale is from San Angelo, Texas. A three-year member of the ‘A’ Honor Roll and member of the National Honor Society of High School Students, she plans to become a mu- seum curator and historic conservation and preservationist. In her spare time Briley enjoys playing golf, traveling, watching foreign films, reading, and writing. 28 PAGEANTRY un, flirty, and carefree—those are the words that come to mind for summer hair and fashion. Few things are less sexy—or downright uncomfort- able—than a mass of hair stuck to your sweaty neck and face. This is why I selected the faux bob for our model Briley. I chose this specific style for Briley’s hair because it is an easy up-style that can be achieved in many ways; however, for the sake of convenience and help- ing you put together a fast, fun look, I will be describing the easiest method for achieving this modern look. I do en- courage you, though, to try different ways to make it work best for you. After all, that’s what makes it all so much fun. The versatility of the faux bob makes it easy to incorpo- rate with numerous summer events or important occasions, such as prom or weddings. It can be a great way to pull up your hair for a chic, daytime look to keep hair off your neck during the hot summer months. It beats a boring ponytail, any day. Regardless, this look is a great way, for those of you with longer hair, to get the look of shorter hair without commit- ting to “The Chop.” Here are some easy steps to help you achieve the faux bob: TURN UP THE VOLUME You will need to start with clean, damp hair. In order to get some body and volume, we’ll use L’Oreal Professional Lift Extreme and Mousse Volupte at the base and run through the ends to prep the hair. For shine and heat pro- tection, we will use LP Mythic Oil on the mid-to-end strands of your hair. Always use a heat-protecting product on your hair to prevent damage from your hot tools.