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YOUR LOOK hairstyles By Whitney Weatherington Catching the Waves Nothing says summer season hairstyling like turning your hair into breathtaking waves with very little to no effort at all hen you think about the summer season, you al- ways think about the standards—relaxing, fun and, of course, the beach. So summer hairstyles should clearly embody those elements as well. Summer hairstyles should certainly look effort- less, like your hair naturally flows on its own. Effortless, beachy waves are always the perfect choice for any summer occasion. In addition to styling your hair in beach waves, natural curls are also going to be quite the popular trend. This summer is all about the appearance of being laid back with easy and convenient styling. What better way to emulate those ideas for your long hair than by whipping your hair into some bouncy, flowing curls? Adversely, waves aren’t a forgotten option for short hair either. Both Holly- wood and Paris are proving that short side waves are both extrav- agant and simple. Bringing back a retro style has always been a great way to create new excitement in the hot months ahead. As for our model Madison, we chose to give her a trendy look that has been seen all over the runways of the International Fash- ion Weeks. The wavy look is not perfect, which translates simply to mean that it’s young and fresh. Usually fashion and hair go hand-in-hand, so when the garments get more relaxed and fun so does the hair. I love effortless beach waves. The fact that the style is not too contrived is why I suggest it so much this summer season. The style in itself just says, “Natural and soft, and not too fussy.” When wearing your hair in this style, you’ll feel naturally beautiful, with- out forcing yourself to spend an hour on your hair. You can com- plete this look in just half the time you’d spend on most other summer hairstyles. When doing this style yourself, think simple. The more time you spend to achieve the look, the more unnatural your hairstyle will appear. Also, remember to have a proper curling iron rod handy. They are sold everywhere and make achieving this look a breeze. Madison wears these soft waves with a formal gown and looks stunning, but this hairstyle can be worn to any summer occasion, whether you are going to prom, a banquet, a day at the beach, or even a summer wedding—this hairstyle will be appropriate and a head-turner at any affair. W PHOTOS BY TED WEST Model Madison Bledsoe, is a 5’9” sun kissed blonde, and a graduate of Barbizon’s Label Model Management [Atlanta, Georgia]. She was award- ed the title of Ms. Barbizon, NY 2011 (R) at IMTA in New York city, earning a slot in the world’s largest on location fashion photo shoot for Prom, Pageant, and Social Occasion gowns. The blue eyed beauty can be seen on the Spring 2012 cover of PromTime magazine and is featured with- in the Pageantry & PromTime Fashion Showcase. 28 PAGEANTRY