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MODELING & TALENT miss&mr.iPOP! Their Future isNOW Brooke Hurring and Daniel Del Valle took one giant leap forward in their quests for fame when they were named this year’s Miss and Mr. iPOP! s has become a consistent expectation, the field of po- tential candidates for this year’s Miss and Mr. iPOP! titles was vast and tremendous in its potential and tal- ent. Everyone essentially wins at iPOP!, as the annu- al Los Angeles convention has been an incredible springboard for so many household names in the acting, singing and modeling industries, among others. The chance to carry these titles is a performance enhancer, opening doors to casting through name recognition, and it also serves as a reminder that they’re off to a very hot start. This year’s Miss and Mr. iPOP! are Brooke Hurring and Daniel Del Valle, and they took some time to talk with us about this amazing opportunity and their iconic titles. A Pageantry Magazine: How did you first learn about the iPOP! convention? Brooke Hurring: I first learned about the iPOP! convention at my school, JRP New Orleans. DDV: I first learned about iPOP! while driving to school on the radio. They were auditioning for an upcoming seminar in El Paso. PM: What do the titles of Miss and Mr. iPOP! mean to you as a representative of all the different schools? BH: The title of Miss iPOP is such an honor! It really means a lot, and I hope I set a great example for other aspiring people in the industry to look up to. DDV: I’m proud of the title of Mr. iPOP!, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. 66 PAGEANTRY PM: What school or training center did you attend and for how long? Are you still in school now or are you currently actively modeling? BH: Yes, I still attend school at JRP New Orleans. I’ve been at- tending JRP New Orleans for about 8 months now, and I will keep training with them. DDV: I am currently a senior in high school, and I just signed my contract with Wilhelmina. I will be doing my first photo shoot as a model in L.A. the first week of March. I don’t belong to any modeling school or training center. I be- came interested in modeling about two years ago and started watching runway shows. I volunteer at as many local fashion shows as possible, and my mom helped me with some training at home. The only training I have ever had is the iPOP! seminar in July of 2010 and that was for six intense weekends.