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your look ● hairstyles By Liz Everett The Power of a Ponytail Max out the length and fullness of your hair by rocking a stacked ponytail P onytails are no longer considered a childish hair- style. On the contrary, they can be adapted for an array of circumstances—from casual to formal, from fun to fancy. Stacked ponytails have be- come an incredible trend in the past year. One of the greatest reasons is because they allow you to show the hair’s length while also creating an elegant look. I love this ponytail I created for Ava because it was the crowning touch for her photo shoot in her glamorous blue cocktail dress. Variations of this look have become super popular on Pinterest, as well. This hair tutorial offers you an easy way to create a look that will have you looking gorgeous for the stage, photo shoots, and even gala events. KEY HAIR ESSENTIALS: 1) Bobby Pins 2) Clear Rubber bands 3) Rat Tail Comb 4) Teasing Brush 5) Chi Magnified Volume Hairspray 6) 1 Inch Curling Iron STEP 1: PIN CURL & SPRAY One of the most important tips for this style is to start it with pin curls so that you have volume that holds. Begin by using a 1 inch curling iron and Chi Maximized Volume while you are pin curling. Be sure to slightly tease as you set the curls. Leave the pin curls up for 1-3 hours. Be sure 78 PAGEANTRY FINISH Model: Ava Pizutti, Preteen United States 2017 Hair & Makeup: Liz Everett GLAM Photography: Nina Haaskivi that you have super clean sections while you are pinning, as well. STEP 2: PREPARE & STYLE Gently let the curls down while creating clear sections for the bang, sides, and crown of the head. Begin styling by creating 2 stacked ponytail sections. Put the first one above the nape of the neck to show the length of the hair. Then position the next one right below the crown of the head. Be sure that both ponytails are evenly placed right above each other. If you have any loose curls, go ahead and use your 1 inch iron to re-curl them. STEP 3: CREATE & SHINE Create your height section right at the crown. Try not to tease it unless you have to. Alternate your side strands to cover the clear rubber bands. Remember to keep the gath- ered sections even as you create an evenly woven center gathering, using bobby pins to secure the pieces. For the bang section, you can either pull it back or use a side swipe depending on your facial structure, and with this style you can literally do many different bang looks. It makes it a fun way glam up your ponytail. STEP 4: STEP OUT WITH ELEGANCE Ava was so excited about her gorgeous ponytail. From