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your look ● fitness By Sharon Turrentine The Potency of Positivity A positive attitude is necessary to excel in all aspects of life, including pageant competition H ow does one go about obtaining a positive atti- tude? What is a person made of that has that at- titude? First of all, she possesses the self-confidence to carry on in all phases of what she is doing, whether it is pageant competition, studying, job seeking, performing her personal best in whatever her endeavors may be, or just getting through each day of life. Obtaining and retaining self-confidence serves one well no matter what may lie ahead. Having a high level of physical fitness can only benefit one and ones’ self confidence level. When you feel good about yourself and how you present yourself to others, you will naturally possess a good attitude. When you know people are going to listen, respect, and respond to your ideas, you can’t help but to feel positivity. Physical fitness is more than just exercising. This is a total lifestyle. Physical fitness is obtained through proper nutri- tion, aerobic activity, and weight training. Each of these three phases is equally important and perform a crucial part 130 PAGEANTRY of your overall physical fitness level. Proper nutrition helps your body get through the day with more energy. Aerobic activities teach your body to burn excess calories more effi- ciently and elevate your level of stamina. Weight training makes your body stronger, firmer, more toned and when done properly, can improve your physical appearance by shaping you to your personal best. What woman doesn’t have a part of her body she would like to change? Weight training can do that for you. With the properly designed physical fitness program, you can achieve the goal of your personal physical best. Once you have reached a high level of physical fitness, that positive attitude falls right into place. By elevating your level of physical fitness with the com- bination of those three ingredients, you will boost your con- fidence and attitude to new heights. Knowing that you can control how you look and feel with your fitness level will give you new found insight into your inner self. Being able to share what you know and how you feel, in a positive way with others, only serves to make you a better person. And