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your look ● bodysculpting By Shannon Dey Avoiding the Travel Shutdown Don’t allow travel to cause you to take a detour from your healthy lifestyle F ollowing a health and fitness routine can be chal- lenging simply when living your regular everyday life. From work, to school, to family commit- ments, and everything in between, let’s face it; finding time to live the fit life takes work! That being said, in the structure of a daily schedule, it is very pos- sible to find a routine that works for you, keeps you on point, and allows you to live your life, while living fit. However, mention the word “travel” to a majority of those seeking to live the fit life, and their fitness goals liter- ally shut down. All thoughts of training, performing cardio, and eating a healthy meal plan seem to immediately escape their brains when the prospect of travel arises. Even those with the best intentions can lose all sense of where to even start when they leave the confines of their every day lives. Over the years, I have had people who have found great success following a nutrition plan on a daily basis tell me that when they travelled they had no idea what to eat, so they ate fast food for three days straight! Or, since their hotel gym didn’t have the exact equipment they needed, they didn’t know what to do and simply did nothing. No, these people weren’t lazy; they weren’t trying to get out of keeping up with their fitness. They were intelligent people with the best intentions, who did a great job following their fitness plan while at home. They simply lost it when taken out of their regular fitness routine. The phenomenon of the “travel shut down” is REAL! 116 PAGEANTRY