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your look ● hairstyles By Yulia Riebman Ride the Waves W Bouncy, curly and full of body, nothing says Spring like a head full of waves inter is typically greeted with excitement, because with the cold and snow comes the holiday season. However, once the holidays pass, the white drifts and bleak gray skies tend to lose their charm. It is then that we yearn for the spring. As the snow melts and flower buds begin to emerge to greet the sun, the sound of song birds will soon fill the air, and the drabness of winter will be replaced by the energy and colors of springtime. Everything awakens with the first signs of spring, in- spiring us to freshen up the way we see and approach our everyday routine. This season of renewal almost de- mands a new look to greet the world. Wavy hair, to- gether with medium length, provides an exciting option for every day style or special occasions. This particular texture is always perceived as very feminine and roman- tic, regardless of color and face shape, making the wavy bob a romantic, yet edgy style to suit any occasion. It’s time for your seasonal hair inspiration from yours truly, the Pageantry beauty team. PREP Start by preparing your hair for curling by either de- tangling and smoothing naturally curly hair, or using a blow dryer to power dry your hair straight. THE MORE THE MERRIER For this particular style, section the hair in the brick layer pattern into 1” by 1” squares. SET AND PROTECT Spray each panel with thermal protectant and a set- ting lotion of your choice (or a two-in-one, in our case), before curling to make your style last and to protect your beau- BEFORE tiful locks from heat damage be- fore curling. Photo By Vladimir mayBoroda 82 PAGEANTRY AFTER Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Karla Goodwin is an in demand print, runway, video and beauty model, and actress who began her career the age of sixteen. In addi- tion to her work within the modeling and acting fields, Karla works with children on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD) as a behavior therapist.friends.