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modeling & talent ● breaking into showbiz By Adam Hill Hooray for Hollywood! Before you book your trip and pack your bags for your move to Los Angeles, make sure you’re covered in case your stardom takes time to achieve P ack your bags, you’re on your way to Hollywood. Wait! Have you done everything you need to do to make your trip a success? Let’s check your list. Money. Are you prepared financially? How much money will you need for your trip and how much will you need to sustain yourself for at least three months? The cost of living in Hollywood is high. Rent prices are high (a small studio is around $1,500 a month), gas for your car is expensive, and so is car insurance. Generally, everything is more expensive. Bread and Butter Job. Have you investigated the job market in the L.A. area? After three months you’ll need a job to survive. Do you have a resume that will make you desirable to a future employer? Do you have the experi- ence, for example, to wait tables, do basic office work, com- puter, filing, etc.? Do you have a degree that will open doors for you? Managers and Agents. Do you have contact with man- agers and agents? If so, they will expect you to get new pic- tures and begin training. Are you prepared for this expense? If you don’t have a manager or agent, how do you expect to get one or the other? Will they expect you to belong to the Screen Actors Guild, better known as SAG? If you are eli- gible, that is another expense, currently at $3,000. Acting Schools. There are many acting schools in and around Hollywood. Are you aware of where to find the best 108 PAGEANTRY “My first piece of advice to someone who is serious about being a professional television or film actor is: move to Los Angeles. Moving to Los Angeles can be difficult but it is the only city that doesn’t put a ceiling on where you can go with your career. New York is the place to go if you want to do theater. But if you want to be in film and television, move to LA.” – Jenna Fischer training for your budget? You can’t achieve success without training, so you must study. Do you have to enroll in ex- pensive one- and two-year programs? How do you differ- entiate between schools that promise you representation and a fast road to stardom from schools that sincerely wish to develop your talent? As a new resident of Hollywood you are an easy target. How do you avoid scams? Wow! Adam, must you be such a downer? No, I guess I don’t, but I do have to paint a realistic pic- ture. If you’re a trust fund baby, much of what I’ve said doesn’t pertain to you. You have the finances to make this move with ease. However, I doubt that the majority of you can rely on a substantial bank account when it comes to a move of this magnitude. “The road to success is always under construction” - Lily Tomlin If you’ve read my previous articles you know I am a very positive person. I believe in following your dreams. I believe in taking chances. I know that whatever you don’t do re- mains undone. To achieve success, each of the issues I men- tioned must be dealt with intelligently. FINANCES Work hard and save your money before you move. That SHOWBIZ Continued on page 144