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news & views ● editorial By Ashley Burns Pageantry Celebrates Good Times, Great Friends W e celebrate anniversaries for a variety of rea- sons, but more often than not it’s because we want to remember the good times. As Pageantry magazine celebrates the 35th an- niversary of this great publication opening its doors and bringing all of you the best of the Glamour Lifestyle and the pageant and entertainment industries, we’re inundated with great memories of the so many amaz- ing people that we’ve met over the years, but we’re also joy- ously mindful of the new relationships that we begin on a daily basis with all of our readers and friends. After all, the definition of Pageantry is a constant celebration, and no- body out there does it quite like we do. Anniversaries also remind us of where we come from and how it all began, as Pageantry was once a simple print edition that told the stories of your industries and shared the adventures of some household names and national icons. Thirty-five years later, while the print edition is still going strong and hitting newsstands and mailboxes around the world, we like to think that things aren’t quite as sim- ple as they once were. For starters, we’re sharing more sto- ries than ever before, covering everything from Miss Universe to the hottest styles for prom and pageants, and that’s just in this issue. As the technologies have evolved, so has Pageantry, and in just these last few years, we’ve seen our brand grow be- yond the print capacity and into a strong digital presence. For starters, our website,, remains the industry standard, while PageantryDigital, published since 2007, offers readers everything they could ever want from our pages, but in the convenience of online versions that you can even access on your tablets and smart phones. On top of that, while we continue to interview some of the biggest names in the Glamour Lifestyle industry, you can now download their interviews through our Pageantry Podcast or subscribe for free via iTunes, and listen to the industry’s most prominent personalities as they passion- ately describe their adventures, philosophies, years of serv- ice, and success stories. Everything is focused on being social now, too, and Pageantry has created a home for its readers and fans to share their pictures, stories, victories and news on Face- book, because sometimes we can’t wait to let everyone 14 PAGEANTRY know what’s happening in our lives. By just clicking “Like” on Facebook, you can step into a community of likemind- ed friends looking to change the world with their inspira- tional efforts or simply expand your networks and meet new titleholders and industry insiders. But some things don’t change, because they never have to. Take our annual Pageantry and PromTime Fashion Showcase—the world’s largest on-location photo-shoot for prom and pageant formalwear—as we still put every ounce of effort that we can into making sure that this issue is as extensive and expansive as possible. There are no shortcuts taken in making sure that we deliver you the top gowns from the top designers and most fashionable boutiques, while presenting new models that we help discover at events like IMTA. In addition to everything else, we’re still proud to bring you a collection of intelligent and immensely talented writ- ers and industry experts that offer their insight on how to achieve the best looks and overall happiness for any events and competitions, or simply the seasons in general. Our team cares so much about making our readers and fans happy, because we know how important it is for all of you to look your best when it matters most. Whether you’re making your debut at a local pageant or you’re hitting the runway in front of scouts in Los Angeles and New York— or if you’re taking your first step on to the biggest stages in the world, like Venezuela’s Gabriela Isler, who captured the title of Miss Universe 2013 [see page 88]—we want you to always be the best that you can be. Styles will come and go; trends will rise and fade away. But the one thing that will always remain the same is that we at Pageantry and PromTime will adapt to what your needs will require, and we will continue to provide you with the best, brightest and most beautiful that the Glamour Lifestyle has to offer. Whether in paper or on your smart phone, tablet or computer, you’ll always be able to count on Pageantry to be your best resource in Celebrating the Glamour Lifestyle.