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people watching ● competition clips 2013 A USTRALIAN R OYALTY P AGEANTS WINNING DOWN UNDER: Grand Supreme Siena Uremovic, Ultimate Grand Supreme Jasmine Loizzo, Junior Grand Supreme Kaelyn Coker, and Mini Grand Supreme Madeleine Palmer represent the new class of Australian Royalty. T he glamour of Australian Royalty Pageants arrived at the Chifely Hotel in Melbourne, Australia for the inaugural National pageant. Entrants arrived from all over Australia with the ultimate goal to win the coveted Ultimate Grand Supreme crown. Girls between the ages of two and 20 came with their support teams and huge amounts of luggage that stored the precious designer outfits that they would wear over two days of fierce competition. Friday began with the youngest com- petitors competing in commercial and nursery rhyme sections. The older girls then competed in the sections of personal introduction and interview, which was a first for the Australian pageant. The entrants were judged on a range of criteria which included theme/creativi- ty, presentation, attire, poise, grace and overall presentation. The girls were then treated to some fun with a pajama party, where they were able to meet the IJM Queens Rebecca Fusco, Kendall Sadler and Novalee Settle, who traveled to Aus- tralia with IJM Director Nikki Clarke and Cameron Settle. Saturday began with a buzz of en- trants beginning the preparation process of hair and makeup, all wanting to bring home the cash, prizes, crowns and sashes. The ballroom was dressed to impress with tables of crowns, trophies and sashes sparkling in the lightsand it was dazzling. All entrants showcased their skills in Formal Wear, Masquerade theme and Celebrity Wear. The entrants strutted on the stage, which was a culmination of weeks of coaching, practicing, outfit and prop construction. As the competition drew to a close, the crowd was eager to learn who would be the winners of the biggest prize pool seen to date in an Aus- tralian pageant. The IJM Queens did an outstanding job awarding all of the entrants the prizes they had won over two days of tight com- petition. The Mini Grand Supreme title winner was 5-year old Madeleine Palmer, while Junior Grand Supreme title winner was Kaelyn Coker, Grand Supreme title winner Siena Uremovic, and Ultimate Grand Supreme Jasmine Loizzo. All of these extremely lucky girls were also awarded the IJM crowns and IJM Miss Australia titles, and full scholarships to enable them to compete in the IJM In- ternational final. □ Australian Royalty Queens Mini Grand Supreme _______Madeleine Palmer Junior Grand Supreme __Junior Grand Supreme Grand Supreme _____________Siena Uremovic Ultimate Grand Supreme ______Jasmine Loizzo 2013 T EXAS U NITED A MERICA test would be held and a prize would be given to the lady who got the most votes at the end of the pageant. The ladies competed in Personal Introduction, On- Stage Question, Fashion Wear and Evening Wear. Talent was an optional event completed TOAST OF TEXAS: Texas United America celebrated its 10th anniver- after the pageant and was sary by crowning another group of exceptional women to represent the scored separately from the rest Lone Star State. PHOTO: JULIE HILL, CAPTURE LA VIE PHOTOGRAPHY of the scores. Photogenic was also a separate optional event. he jazz was playing and the beads Five age divisions plus the Royal age were being tossed—it was “Mardi division were represented, as well as a di- Gras” time for the Texas United America vision for Petites. A total of seven Nation- Pageant. Delegates from across the state al titles were given out and each received of Texas arrived for a “Meet and Greet” $1,000 along with other great prizes. This and the ladies enjoyed getting to visit and year’s competition celebrated the organi- receive their “goody bags” filled with many zation’s 10th anniversary. different surprises from various sponsors. The Special Awards were presented Cynthia Trinidad, Ms. Petite United after the crowning of the Little Miss America Ambassador, was the choreogra- Texas United America, Tabitha Wilke. pher for the event and went over the Special Awards went to: Valerie Luna, opening number for the ladies. Each Community Service; Mary Wahler, Most would be holding her mask as they would Photogenic; Camelia Rendon, Talent come out on the stage in keeping with the Winner; Amanda Middleton, Ms. Con- theme of the pageant. A “Best Mask” con- geniality; and the Pageantry Spirit Award T 150 PAGEANTRY was given to Lilliana Mancillas. Best Mask went to Monica Garza, who was also the People’s Choice Winner, and Diana Cumnings and Catherine Barbieri received the Director’s Award. Then the moment everyone was wait- ing for—the announcements of the new Texas United America queens for 2013- 2014: Priscilla Elizondo, Miss Jr. Teen Texas UA; Lilliana Mancillas, Miss Teen Texas UA; Mary Wahler, Miss Texas UA; Shaune Stauffer, Ms. Texas United Amer- ica; Tammy Piburn, Ms. Texas Classic UA; Pkaye Washington, Ms. Texas Elite UA; and Amy Hillock, Mrs. Texas UA. Sheila Berthelsen was also crowned Ms. Texas Ambassador UA. □ Texas United America Winners Miss Jr. Teen Texas UA ______Priscilla Elizondo Miss Teen Texas UA_________Lilliana Mancillas Miss Texas UA ________________Mary Wahler Ms. Texas United America ____Shaune Stauffer Ms. Texas Classic UA__________Tammy Piburn Ms. Texas Elite UA _________Pkaye Washington Mrs. Texas UA _________________Amy Hillock