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people watching ● behind the scenes Location assistant Andre Dunn carries the dress of model Jessica Versteeg. Location assistant Austin Dunn assures the dress of model Raighley Shaw keeps dry. The dress selections continue for (L-R) Pageantry Art Director Angel Anthony Mendez, Beauty Director Yulia Konstantinova-Riebman, stylist Emily Pole, and Assistant Beauty Direc- tor Sommer Isdale. Models Stephanie Spoonamore and Lauren Roush await the judges decision. Pageantry Art Director Angel Anthony Mendez with Photographer Ted West who gives the sign for “on schedule.” Model Kendall Fein receives a final touch up on location from Beauty Director Yulia Kon- stantinova-Riebman. Stylist Emily Pellegrini celebrates another shot completion. Pageantry Fashion Director Snejanna Dunn and CEO Carl Dunn get their classic on in an original vintage Crosley automobile. Makeup artist Jules Beecher enjoys a brief moment of relaxation. The on-location crew with model Lauren Roush for the Fashion Showcase closing shot. Ready for location are models (L-R) Jessielyn Palumbo, Cara Ludik, Jessica Versteeg, Kendall Fein, and Ali Clair. Pageantry Art Director Angel Anthony Mendez setting the scene with model Ali Clair. 138 PAGEANTRY