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The Magic of NAMily The National American Miss finals took to Hollywood to provide unparalleled star treatment for the red carpet ready contestants T he lights are dimmed and the stage is set. The DJ booth blares One Direction while the concert-level light show turns the stage into a dazzling display of red, purple and blue. And suddenly, just when you think the crowd couldn’t go any cra- zier, the contestants appear onstage, sending the fans into frenzy. This is the opening scene from the national finals in which National American Miss crowns 12 Queens to represent the country for the following year. Each year, young ladies from all over the United States vie for their COURTNEY JAMISON National American Miss 108 PAGEANTRY RACHEL MAJOR National American Miss Teen chance to qualify and attend nationals in Anaheim, California over the Thanksgiving Holiday. They come not just to compete in National American Miss, but also to experience its magic. Hollywood Casting Direc- tor Pixie Monroe explains, “National American Miss is about more than crowns and dresses, it’s about feeling the magic that NAM has to offer.” That magic is woven throughout the entire week as girls attend a series of electrifying events. Every activity, from a special day at Disneyland to a surprise appearance by Santa at the festive Thanksgiving Banquet, creates REGAN SPOLTMAN National American Miss Jr. Teen ALEXIS DELGADO National American Miss Pre-Teen lifelong memories for the contestants. While pageantry is often thought of as a solo sport, NAM uses its magic to create an environment of friendship and teamwork. Many de- scribe their involvement as being a part of the “NAMily.” That includes newly crowned National American Miss Courtney Jamison who said, “Being a part of the NAMily has given me some of the best friendships I’ve ever made. Because the activities at NAM are based on community service and empowerment, it’s easy to build friendships that are based on those values.” JOSEPHINE MCDOWELL National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen SHAE SMOLIK National American Miss Princess