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NEWS & VIEWS sociallyspeaking On Pageantry magazine’s Facebook page [] we receive your comments and questions and we read and appreciate every single one. The following is a sampling your comments and letters: Kaitlyn Chana What a wonderful surprise when I opened my email. I was overjoyed to find a link bringing me to a web story encompassing my greatest passion. Thank you for sharing my work as a journalist to all your readers. This was a very touching article; I feel so privileged to have grown up as an avid reader of Pageantry. Meli Jegasini Carl, you have been such a positive influ- ence in my daughter’s and granddaughter’s lives (Stacy Jackson-Kukal, Casey Jackson- Goike, & Georgia Rose Matlack). I just want- ed to take a couple of minutes to thank you for changing so many girls’ lives for the better. You are awesome! Christine Prince Jackson Got our Pageantry yesterday. Love it. Plus, Faith got to be in it twice. Thanks for an amaz- ing magazine Mr Carl Dunn. Ethel Smawley Carl, I love this... Pageantry magazine rocks, and so does Carl Dunn and the Staff! Nam Megan-Brian Cournoyer Another incredible issue! Michelle Field Thank you for your article on global counter- feiting. I have had friends order these dresses. After hundreds of dollars in alterations, the gown still never looked right. Please don’t buy counterfeit! Alina Pokidova OH MY GOD! This is such a surprise. I’m very stoked and happy about the cover. ♥ [Alina was on the cover of the Winter 2012 edition of Pageantry.] Diana Hay Thank you Carl Dunn and Staff of Pageantry magazine. You shocked me yet again, when I see my letter to my fellow pageant sisters on Page 12 [Winter 2012]. I am truly humbled and deeply honored for the recognition. I can not wait to see you face to face at the Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas. 68 PAGEANTRY Tony Bowls Thanks as always Pageantry! SOCIALLY SPEAKING Continued on page 88