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NEWS & VIEWS Editorial By Ashley Burns Your World Hasn’t Ended, It’s Just Beginning B y the time that you open the pages of this issue, you’ll already be aware that those crazy Mayans and their calendar were wrong. The world did not end, and if it did, you reading this issue right now is really quite the testament to how great Pageantry’s subscription service is. No friends, the world did not explode into a tril- lion pieces, nor did a space fleet of vengeful alien gods return to Earth to use us all as fuel or to enslave humanity for the rest of eternity. Sadly, crackpot conspiracy theorists will have to find another day and reason for the world to end, and if I could make my own recommendation, it will be on May 28, 2020, the day before I’m set to turn 40. That’s not so much a prediction as it is a hesitation to grow older. Alas, we can’t stop time, and the days, weeks, months and years move forward whether we like it or not. But we here at Pageantry love it, because it means that we’re celebrating yet another year as the glob- al leader in bringing the glamour lifestyle into your home. In fact, this is the 34th year of Pageantry magazine’s existence and we’re incredibly excited to keep moving forward and evolving in a time that it’s not nec- essarily easy to do that. We have, of course, expanded to bring you PageantryDigital magazine, the Pageantry PodCast, Pageantry & PromTime facebook, and Pageantry multimedia extensions, all of which allow our readers, advertisers and aspiring models, queens, actors and musicians to have the keys to success at their fingertips. With Pageantry, your gold standard glamour lifestyle publication truly is an in-print, digital, online, social, and multimedia conglomerate. We’ve also created a new feature through which our readers can also tap into the latest industry news and positive stories relating to those who embody the spirit of pageantry. For the second consecutive edi- tion, Pageantry is proud to bring you Beyond the Spotlight from our newest correspondent and industry veteran, Megan Alexander of Inside Edition. Beyond the Spotlight the story of you. Additionally we will continue to bring you up-to-date with impor- tant breaking information because there are things happening out there that people aren’t aware of, despite them affecting all of us. For in- stance, we’ve brought you the incredible news from Steve Lang, the president and one of the innovative minds and driving forces behind the American Bridal and Prom Industry Association. In this issue, Steve discusses the purpose and mission of the ABPIA, which was created by some of the most important and influ- ential names in the fashion design industry as a means of battling over- seas counterfeiters, who are not only illegally stealing money and ideas from our nation’s brightest designers, but they’re also providing poor quality knockoffs to young ladies who want to look perfect in their all- 26 PAGEANTRY important prom, pageant, social occasion gown, as well as women who want to be radiant and beaming on their wedding days. Through its ef- forts, the ABPIA is already nailing some of the Internet’s most notori- ous counterfeiters, as well as the retailers and supporters who are responsible for making them so successful. You can listen to Steve’s en- tire interview in his own words within our exclusive Pageantry PodCast available on, Pageantry & PromTime face- book, and as a free download on iTunes. In the ABPIA’s story, we also see a similar, parallel idea in the im- portance of defending creative ideas and fashion designs, because Pageantry magazine is also one-of-a-kind. Our efforts are often imitat- ed but never duplicated, as the old saying goes, and that’s why we cel- ebrate each new year of being the glamour lifestyle industry’s leading publication with such zeal and enthusiasm. And the greatest reason we have to be enthusiastic is right here in this issue—The Pageantry & PromTime Fashion Showcase. The largest on-location fashion photo shoot of its kind in the world, our Fashion Showcase has been a springboard for the careers of many young models, who have gone on to be the fresh faces of many popular brands and companies. But we also like to think that they’ve left our fantastic and breathtaking locales each year with not only the lessons and insight with which to have a strong, successful career, but also with some wonderful memories as well. After all, we like to think our Pageantry staff, as well as our amazing stylists and experts, are a pretty unique and impressive crew. Speaking of this year’s Fashion Showcase, David Siegel and his wife and former Mrs. Florida, Jacqueline, stars of the film Queen of Versailles, were gracious to once again invite our team and models to showcase their luxurious Westgate Lakes Resorts in Central Florida. Boasting thousands of rooms and one of the greatest hospitality staffs in the world, the Westgate Lakes Resorts were the ideal, no-brainer location to award our models and beauty stylists with a vacation within a week of hard work and dedication to their chosen craft. Even Tropical Storm Isaac could not dampen the spirits of this unbelievable team. In looking to our 34th year, you can expect more of the same from Pageantry, with an onward Celebration of the Glamour Lifestyle, as well as a consistent and joyous observance of everything good that our read- ers perform throughout their years of service. After all, people can try to replicate our ideas and de- signs, but they can’t duplicate what goes into them—you. □