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PEOPLE WATCHING showcasebehindthescenes Pageantry magazine CEO Carl Dunn with Art Di- rector Angel Anthony Mendez. Hair and Makeup work on getting the models ready beginning at 4:00 a.m. Amanda Hodges helps control Hannah Keil’s dress battling against the winds of Tropical Storm Isaac. Model Jordyn Murphy receives a last minute makeup touch-up from stylist Julie Beecher. The 2013 opening shot benefits from some last minutes adjustment from Pageantry Fashion Coordinator Snejanna Dunn (R) and stylist Yulia Konstantinova Riedman. Photographer Ted West collaborates with Pageantry Art Director Angel Anthony Mendez as Yulia Konstantinova Riedman looks on. Model Briley Hale keeps up with her studies. Model Alina Pokidova (front) and model Alison Folsom enjoy some rare down time. Model Miranda Fenzau keeps an eye on the Weather Channel tracking Tropical Storm Isaac. Lead makeup artist Shantell Tavares finishes up her work of art on model Elizabeth Sabatino. Lead hairstylist Kristy Schanel delivers perfec- tion with model Alina Pokidova. During the weeklong shoot, 4:00 a.m. hair and makeup calls begin to wear on the models. 158 PAGEANTRY