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MODELING & TALENT breakingintoshowbiz By Adam Hill Getting Over Your FEARS The only thing we have to fear is fear itself... unless you can learn to conquer it and move on to success ear can be defined as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Translated, fear is the result of the unknown or per- ceived. Giving into fear creates a roadblock to any and all goals. The emotion brings all of our insecurities to the surface. What if I’m not good enough? What if I fail? What if there are others better than I? What if I don’t have talent? What if...? Let’s eliminate from this exploration of fear the words, “What if?” We are all aware of the speed at which a child learns. During the early years a child is fearless, nothing is impossible. That even- tually begins to change. For example, nothing develops fear in an adolescent faster than the belief he will be ridiculed or laughed at by his peers. The older we get the more we realize that fear immobilizes us. Learned or perceived fears of success or failure, inadequacies, or simply making fools of ourselves keep us from our dreams. Because my main interest is people whose dreams involve a ca- reer in show business, I will focus my attention on those individu- als, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can’t learn a lesson here. Let’s confront a possible fear: “Am I good enough?” If this is one of your fears, ask yourself this question—am I spending too much time processing my feelings of inadequacy and not enough time developing my skills of adequacy? If you have a low opinion of yourself as a craftsperson, do whatever is necessary to change that opinion. If you don’t know enough about your craft, learn more. Put yourself out on the limb. Tony Award-winning actor Michael Jeter, when asked about F 116 PAGEANTRY TAYLOR SWIFT his successful career, once said: “I never go out onto the limb. I go out onto the twigs.” Believe me, there is more pain in never having tried than falling on your face occasionally. Numbness is the result of not trying and not feeling or experiencing life because you cut yourself off from what you want the most. The great Robert Schuller said, “If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been.” Be aware if one of your fears is the opinions of others. You know who these people are. They are your family, friends, peer groups, even strangers. No one has the right to have power over you, your thoughts, and dreams. There is great a story attributed to the painter Rossini, and it begins with his visit to an art gallery. The dealer showed him around the gallery, introducing the master to many of the up and coming artists. When the tour was over, and not being particular- ly impressed, Rossini asked the proprietor if he had any other paintings in the rear of the gallery. The proprietor led Rossini into the large storage area, where he was drawn to a stack of paintings leaning against the far wall. Rossini had to turn each of the paintings around as the propri- etor had placed the paintings so the fronts faced the wall. Rossini’s eyes lit up as he turned over one magnificent painting after anoth- er. Enthusiastically, he asked the name of this talented artist who so excited him. The dealer admitted they were his own. He had painted them 40 years earlier, and he had never painted since that time. Rossini asked why, and the proprietor responded that critics had convinced him he wasn’t very good. He believed what they had