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All photography courtesy of Goodwin Photography. their competition wardrobe and backpacks before hitting the red carpet for photos with the 2016 ti- tleholders. After registration, the delegates then joined Williams and her staff for orientation and re- hearsals before kicking off the com- petition that evening. As part of her goal to put the Unit- ed States National Pageants at the top of the field of competitiveness and prestige, Williams introduced two major changes to competition for the 2017 competition season. First, all divi- sions—including Little Miss and Pre- Teen—now compete in private interview. This gives the judges the op- portunity to interact with each delegate one-on-one and judge them in a simi- lar fashion as the older girls, so the competition becomes more consistent across the board. This change also helps the younger delegates grow and get more comfortable with the interview process, so they can become more well- rounded competitors as they age up into other divisions. Secondly, a state costume competition was introduced during the event within all divisions, whereby the organization lived up to its promise of creating a more united sys- tem across the board. This change also made for a fun and exciting show, as it allowed each delegate to express her own sense of style while highlighting interesting facts from her state. Following the State Costume Run- way competition, co-hosted by Miss Teen United States 2011 Ashley Greenfield and Pageantry magazine CEO Carl Dunn, the delegates of the Little Miss and Pre-Teen divisions took part in an ice cream social pajama party where they were able to sign pil- lowcases with the official logos printed on them and showcase their talents on- stage. The Omni at Champions Gate, the official host hotel and a sponsor of the pageant, provided an ice cream truck for each girl to customize. On Sunday, July 2, the older five divisions—Jr. Teen (ages 13-15), Teen (ages 16-19), Miss (ages 20- 29), Ms. (ages 20-29, previously mar- ried and/or given birth), and Ms. Woman (ages 30+)—checked in and received their opening production number wardrobe. The delegates Teen Ms. Ms. Woman Miss PAGEANTRY 55