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modeling & talent ● breaking into showbiz By Adam Hill I’ve Made a List Paving a road with good intentions won’t lead you to success; you must actively take important steps to achieve your goals W ho are you? Do you see yourself as someone who really wants to get started in the business of acting? If so, that is what you’ll remain, a hopeful waiting to get started. Or, do you see yourself as a working actor? If so, then live your life from that belief. How you perceive yourself today will put you on the path that will lead you to accomplish- ing your goals. Actors must see themselves in terms of their potential. The question is, how do you go about doing this? ACTION! Too many young actors believe success will come look- ing for them and not the other way around. They believe that someone or something will force them into activity. The truth is, it doesn’t work that way. You create your own activity. Acting can’t be a hobby. It’s a full time job if you wish for success. When it comes to a career, you must think in terms of action: what you must do. “I want to get better. That’s basically what challenges me, is (my) getting better and better and working harder.” Bradley Cooper Action produces work. Work produces work. Doing nothing produces nothing, and in truth, inactivity is more exhausting than any work you will do to grow and learn. INSPIRATION WITHOUT APPLICATION IS HALLUCINATION! I recently attended the magnificent return to Broadway of the fabulous Bette Midler performing the role of Dolly Levy in a new production of Hello, Dolly! It is wonderful to see this star of fifty years in this business exuding more en- ergy than someone half her age. Seeing her brought back 42 PAGEANTRY BETTE MIDLER memories of meeting a still unknown Bette many years ago. My first introduction to this future star was at a dingy West Greenwich Village club in New York City. I was en- chanted. I knew I was in the presence of someone special. To my great pleasure, my roommate at the time had met Bette and invited her to dinner. It was at this dinner that I got to know Bette Midler and learn about her plans to reach her goals. Bette had arrived at dinner carrying a very large bag. While having coffee and dessert, she reached into this huge bag and extracted a pad. On it she had listed everything she needed to do to create the quality of success she wanted for herself. She called it her check-off list, or more accurately, her Chekhov list. She knew she needed a plan in order to achieve her goals. She showed me her list. It had an array of chores, everything from getting a manag- er to learning more music from the 1930s. I clearly remem- ber her saying that if she wanted success she had to establish her own uniqueness. During this time, the biggest star around was Barbra Streisand. I quote Bette word for word. I never forgot what she said: “I don’t want to be just another Jewish girl with a big nose and a great voice.” In- deed, she wanted to be special. Bette was very clear about the approaches she would have to take to obtain her goals. I know for a fact that she adjusted her list the more she learned how the business worked. We all become wiser with time, as did Bette. Here is just an example. She was fixated on the music of the thir- ties and wanted to build her nightclub act around that sound. Through my roommate, she met a still unknown Barry Manilow. Barry convinced her that the forties music would serve her better. Her first big hit was the 1940s “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B.” SHOWBIZ Continued on page 72