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pageantry interview ● allie nault She’s a Good Investment PHOTO BY JENN CADY Allie Nault may be a teenager, but with a head for fiscal responsibility and her compassionate heart, she can teach us all a few lessons A fter traveling across America promoting a fis- cally responsible nation, speaking to potential Presidential candidates, and analyzing the ben- efits of fast food franchising, Allie Nault sat down with Pageantry and offered up financial wisdom beyond her years, while reminiscing about her year as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2016. Pageantry magazine: What moment when you heard your name called still stands out? Allie Nault: The fact that they said, “Miss New Hamp- shire’s Outstanding Teen, Allie Nault!” New Hampshire had never even made top 10. We had never won a prelimi- nary award. This wasn’t just for me. This was for them, too. PM: How have you grown this year as a representative of our nation’s teens? AN: I don’t think this title has changed me, but I do know this title has made me a lot more aware of how my hair looks and how my makeup looks, making sure that I look the part of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen. When I won my state title, I didn’t even know what a teasing comb was. To then be moving on to MAOTeen, I had to learn a lot about hair and makeup. That has been probably the biggest struggle for me... learning how to do it quickly. PM: Tell us about the charitable work that you’ve ac- complished this year, especially on behalf of the Chil- dren’s Miracle Network. AN: Children’s Miracle Network holds a very, very, very special place in my heart. I have had many friends go 72 PAGEANTRY through Children’s Hospitals, and I’ve had many success stories. Unfortunately, one of my very close friends passed away. This year, when I was able to visit Children’s Hospi- tals in Philadelphia, Florida, the Washington, DC area, California, the LA area, it was the best feeling for me. This is the national platform, but this is something that Allie truly cares about. This isn’t just because they’re telling you, “You have to go.” It’s because I wanted to go. PM: Let’s discuss your platform, “Making $ense—Be- coming Financially Responsible.” AN: I started my platform by going into schools and edu- cating young kids. I started my own foundation when I was 13 where kids are able to bank right at school. They’re able to deposit money, but not take money out. It instills in them at a young age the importance of saving money. Then that led me to speaking with parents about the im- portance of saving money when they know that they’re hav- ing a child, so that way they are able to afford college to the best of their ability and not take out hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans. Then I thought to myself, we have a $19 trillion debt. I’m from New Hampshire. I am able to talk to every single presidential candidate running to be our next president. Why don’t I talk to them about something that will affect our teen generation the most, because we’re going to be the ones paying it back? I had the opportunity