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your look ● makeup By Yulia Riebmani Eyes Wide Open The Pageantry Beauty team will help you fall into the new season with wide eyes inspired by nature E very season is a new and exciting source of inspi- ration! As nature itself changes, we ourselves dis- cover new ways to see things. Inspired by the influence of fall, we could not help but play with warm and earthy colors to emphasize the eyes, but with a completely new technique to add to your make- up arsenal. We will be focused on the eyes this time, as this part of the face offers the simplest opportunity to completely change your look, even in a subtle way depending on the occasion. Step aside from your traditional way of doing a smoky eye. Here we are not following the shape of the ac- tual eye, but creating an oval shape on the lid, thus making the eyes appear bigger and wide open. In the professional world, this technique could also be used to correct facial proportions and set the focal point for far-set eyes. Howev- er, this technique should be completely avoided for close- set eyes. Choose different shades of eye shadows to match your gown, or play with the intensity of the color to make the look more dramatic, depending on the time of the day and social occasion or event. To accentuate her gorgeous lemongrass-colored dress, we played with this color on the eyelids, which worked stunningly with beautiful Victoria’s complexion. Adding earthy colors and contouring with matte bronzer for sun- kissed glowing skin, we finished the look with delicate peachy lips. What a fresh, yet very sensational look! Here’s a step-by-step guide from yours truly, the Pageantry Beauty Team: 1) FRAME YOUR EYES You already know the importance of perfect eyebrows— 28 PAGEANTRY PHOTO BY TED WEST BEFORE Victoria Sorone is Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2011 and a model and actress with Silver Model Management NYC. She is also a featured model in the Pageantry & PromTime 2016 Fashion Showcase. this step should never be overlooked. Shape your natural brows using a matte ashy eyeshadow or eyebrow palettes that match your hair color, or a few shades darker if you are blonde. Start at the peak of the brow with the color and feather the remaining product toward the middle edge with light strokes. This will guarantee a natural appearance. 2) OPEN UP YOUR EYES. Create a base for your shadows using your favorite eye primer. Load a flat brush with pearly shimmer eyeshad- ow—in our case it’s a mix of golden and lime green shad- ows—and pack it right in the middle of the lid in an “O” shape. Switch to a clean blending brush and use an earthy brown matte eyeshadow to blend both outer sides of that “O” up to the crease. You can make it as dark as your look allows. Follow with another blending brush and beige matte eyeshadow along the crease to create a smooth tran- sition to your skin tone. Take your time on that, as this part is the most essential for a professional, neat look. Mirror