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your look ● hairstyles By Danielle Coleman PHOTO BY TED WEST Mohawk For the Masses The leaves may fall this season, but your hair won’t with this attention grabbing style A utumn is the perfect time for chunky knit sweaters, handmade scarves, and of course, pumpkin spice lattes! The wind blows the changing leaves high in the air, and with the leaves, your recently styled hair. The solution? A fun and flirty style that will keep your hair out of your face and looking fabulous all season long—a braided Mohawk. This look is perfect for a Sunday brunch with friends, an evening at your favorite fall hotspot, or an enchanting au- tumn wedding. It is edgy, trendy, and can be styled on any hair type. This style is going to have you feeling confident and chic when you walk into the room. I chose this braided Mohawk for Katelyn to show off her fantastic makeup and to showcase how a style like this can work on anyone, even those with fine, smooth hair like Katelyn. The bold height and flair in the front and beauti- ful flowing waves in the back will make waves amongst your friends when you tell them how simple it was to style. Keep in mind with styles like this one, the key to adding height is volume—you can never use enough hairspray and you can never tease too much. The higher the hair, the clos- er to heaven, ladies. PREPARATION IS KEY Prep your freshly washed and dried hair with a small amount of dry shampoo at the root. If your hair normally gets oily fast, then apply a little more. Spray the hair with a light hold hairspray to give the hair some grip and make it easier to style. Then, section the hair into two “C” shapes 14 PAGEANTRY Katelyn Niemiec is Miss Arizona 2016, and was Miss Arizona’s Outstanding Teen 2009. She is also a featured model in the 2016 Pageantry & PromTime Fashion Showcase. on the sides of the head, starting at the front hairline and going to the nape of the neck. BEGIN THE BRAIDING Start on the sides first. Beginning in the front, braid the hair into a Dutch braid on each side, so the braids sit off the head. Follow the “C” shape you created all the way down to the neck, leaving the end of the hair out to be included in the Mohawk. A great styling tip here is to lightly spread the braid apart by tugging lightly on the sides of the braid to help it appear fuller. Next, starting from the bottom and including the ends of the braids, curl the middle section of hair up, securing the curls with a stronger hold hairspray. JUST TEASING Now comes the especially fun part: brush out the curls, and then tease, tease, tease! Don’t be concerned if the curls drop a little, as you can always go back and touch them up