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your look ● fitness By Sonya Roemisch B.S., CPT Get Fit and Stay Fit Stop falling for the latest fads and fitness crazes already, and start focusing on the basic steps that will lead you to a better body and mind H ow many times have you started a workout pro- gram, diet, a crazy detox, juicing, or HCG fad and wound up quitting or completing it with a few cheat days and permission slips to fall off the wagon, only to end up back at square one? Or maybe you even added a few pounds that you didn’t have before, because it just wasn’t realistic? And now you have a few new aches and pains from exercising like a crazy person, because you forgot to warm up and stretch, and you have no clue what proper form is. Perhaps you saw a workout in a magazine or online that was promising to get you that body you always wanted in 90 days, or maybe you saw another person at the gym that looked like they knew what they were doing and began to stalk them, discreetly following in their footsteps only to get discouraged because you didn’t wake up the next day with the body of your dreams. How do you keep these things from happening to you? How much should you exercise and eat? How do you get to your goal instead of ending up on the road paved with good intentions and failed results? I am going to give you some insight on my 15 years of experience in transforming many lives, including my own. 1. Learn to Love Yourself. God blessed us with a body and a mind of our own. Every living soul on this earth has a job and that is to leave this place a better place than before. If you love yourself you will have so much more to give to this world, but if you are unhealthy, self-loathing, envious wishing you had that body your co-worker got by working hard and changing their lifestyle to get, you will most likely be unsuccessful in your attempts at lasting results. 2. Choose a Lifestyle Change. The trends and fads have 72 PAGEANTRY to go. You have to make some necessary changes to make this a life journey. This is your journey and you can change your future by what you do today, laying down your ex- treme, inconsistent, noncommittal ways and making this a lifestyle change. You have no idea the positive impact you can have on others by loving yourself enough to change your life. 3. Learn to Enjoy the Process. Realize that it will not happen overnight but I promise it will be worth it. Em- brace each small accomplishment, from more energy to going down a pant size. If you stay consistent and seek out help, if you get stuck instead of giving up, you will get where you want. 4. Learn the Art of Patience. Remember anything quick is usually not permanent. You may experience bumps and bruises, and have to take a side road before getting back on track, but you have to be patient and never give up. 5. “Aspire to Greatness... Always!” Always take the road that leads toward a better you. If you are always in pursuit of greatness you won’t want to go backwards again. Next, you need to know a few things about nutrition and exercise that will at least put you on the right track. I don’t want to leave you out in the dark and cold wonder- ing what’s next. 1. Find a schedule that you can commit to and make that appointment with yourself. Two times per week is better than nothing, but I recommend giving yourself at least one rest day if you are going to commit to more exercise. Re- member, if you want to accelerate the process, the more you commit the quicker you start seeing results. You most defi-