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your look ● makeup By Yulia Riebman PHOTO BY TED WEST Fall In Love with Your Eyes This fall season, emphasize your most beautiful accessories, your eyes, not only for how they look but for how they see T his autumn season of 2015 allows endless op- tions for your makeup style and preferences. Not only is your classic fall look with its bronze, rus- tic shades in vogue, but this time include a mix of ultra-fresh colors and futuristic techniques. It’s when neutral meets bold on one face. Pick the feature you want to draw all the attention to, whether it’s bold eyes, vamp lips, or flashy cheeks, as long as you keep the back- ground soft. Chromatic but pastel at the same time colors like pink, blue, and especially lilac are stealing the show. Depending on the color of your eyes, opt for complementary shades on the color wheel to maximize the effect. Taking advantage of all the best trends this fall season has to offer, your Pageantry Beauty Team is uncovering how to achieve the hottest makeup look on your own. Our stun- ning model Julia Vega with her striking chameleon eyes beautifully demonstrates the versatile look that you can choose for a fashion event, gala, or girls night out. To recre- ate it yourself just follow these easy steps: PERFECT YOUR BASE It is extremely important to take care of your skin on a daily basis, by removing your makeup before bedtime as well as exfoliating and moisturizing. When you have beau- tiful skin you can pull off any makeup idea. For flawless, perfect-looking skin we use airbrush foundation, concealer under the eyes, and translucent blot powder to set the foun- dation and prevent any undesired shine. 28 PAGEANTRY Julia Vega is an Orlando based model with BMG and Karen Greer Models and Talent. She is also a featured model in the Pageantry & PromTime 2015 Fashion Showcase. BEFORE FRAME YOUR EYES More and more makeup lovers are aware and better un- derstand why this step should never be overlooked. To draw all the attention to your beautiful eyes, it is a must to out- line the frame by filling in your brows. Especially for blonde girls with fair color eyebrows, but just as important for brunettes as it’s the way to perfect the shape of your exist- ing brows. For a natural look, we recommend to use any matte eye shadows of the same tone as your hair color or one to two shades darker for blondes. Of course you can also use any specifically designed eyebrow kit of your choice. A stiff angled brush with a mascara wand on the other side to keep the hairs in place would be ideal for that. BLENDING IS THE KEY Next, evenly apply your favorite eye primer on your en- tire eyelid and under the bottom lashes. Right away, within one minute of your primer application, apply the eyeshad- ows. To keep the attention on your eyes as main features of