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pageantry interview ● nina davuluri Head of the Class As Miss America, Nina Davuluri has been a shining example of so much that the organization has to offer, including being set to return to school with her incredible scholarship earnings T he year of Miss America can almost always be described in one very simple word: Busy. We’ve called it a whirlwind and a non-stop thrill of travel, appearances, meetings, volunteering, and good, old-fashioned hard work, but you’ll never ever hear an outgoing Forever queen say that it wasn’t all incredibly worth it. That’s as evident as ever in Nina Davu- luri, who will soon pass her crown on to the next amazing young woman, as well as the incredible and vastly impor- tant duties that come along with the title. But the best part about giving up the crown is that a Miss America’s duties are never over, and Nina will never stop benefiting from it. The importance of the scholarship aspect of the Miss America Organization can never be overstated, especially when people who aren’t familiar with every title, from the local level to Nina herself, don’t know how much is award- ed to these spectacular delegates each year. Nina is walking, talking proof that hard work and dedication to the Miss America Organization pay off tenfold, as she’s poised to pursue the next level of her education, and her crowning achievements have made sure that she’ll never owe a dime. But that’s only one bragging right that this wonderful Miss America lays claim to, even if she’s hesitant to talk about herself and more likely to sing the praises of the other in- credible people she has met during her year at the top. Nina’s year as Miss America may be coming to end, but her legacy is only going to get stronger. Pageantry magazine: You’ve had a whirlwind year. How fast has it gone by? Nina Davuluri: It has flown by. It has all been such a blur. It has been an exciting year of incredible opportunities. I still feel lucky to have been given this opportunity. PM: What do you remember most about the night that you were crowned Miss America? 58 PAGEANTRY ND: I don’t remember much from when I won. It goes by so quickly and it’s such a blur. Basically, what I do remem- ber is that you have a suite, and you’re allowed to have 20 minutes with your family members and friends. But after that, my mom and sister were allowed to stay with me the night that I won, and we were up into the wee hours of the morning just talking—decompressing, I suppose—and that’s the moment that I really remember. PM: The boardwalk in Atlantic City is such an iconic piece of Americana. What was the Shoe Parade like? ND: I think that was the day that all of us contestants had the most fun. It was just such a fun event, in the sense that all of the preliminaries were over, so we got to let our hair down and see our families and friends. There was a lot of joy to be welcomed back to the boardwalk. PM: When we last spoke, you were really looking for- ward to the work with the Children’s Miracle Network. How has that relationship affected you this past year? ND: It has been absolutely incredible, and this year I have been able to visit hospitals across the entire country. One of the most memorable events of my year was the event called Celebration, and they bring one child from every state—we