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your look ● makeup By Sommer Isdale A Time for Danger Turn heads and catch eyes with this seductive-yet-fun makeup style that is perfect for any event that you’ll be attending in the fall D ark, daring, and dangerous—that’s the look we are capturing this fall regarding your makeup style. We want our lips to make a bold state- ment while downplaying the eyes and face. This makeup takes a strong, confident woman to pull it off and I know that you are just the girl to do so. Now, nuzzle your Starbucks on the park bench while you watch the fall’s gorgeous turning leaves float to the ground, be- cause you are about to learn how to achieve a sexy and eye- catching makeup appearance. This seductive style will definitely turn heads because it is unique from the everyday natural look in regards to lip color. Since we are using a deep burgundy red, we need to keep the rest of the face neutral so the colors balance each other out. The exciting part about this makeup is that it is simple to do and will go with numerous outfit choices. If you would like to wear this look during the day and the deep red is too outgoing for your sense of style, you can try a deep pink or another favorite color on the lip. Simply be certain to apply an outstanding and bold lip shade so that the entire face is not bland. My makeup assistant, Jules Beecher, advises you keep your look simple and only play up one feature at a time when choosing to do anything bright with your makeup. In this case, because we are doing such a creative lip color, that becomes our focal point of the face. Do not be afraid to try out different lip liners underneath your bright lips. If you layer your lips, it will give the face more definition and draw the eye to a more intriguing smirk of the mouth. Ali, our gorgeous model, could pair this makeup with any type of lavish outfit. Like I mentioned before, the dark lip works best for a night out on the town with your doll- 28 PAGEANTRY Miss Maine USA 2013 Ali Clair was born and raised in China, Maine. She has a younger sister, Annie, who competes in the Special Olympics. She graduated from the University of Maine Cum Laude in 2011 with a BA in Journalism. BEFORE friends or to a rock concert when you are feeling adventur- ous and audacious. Here are the steps to achieving this look: BLENDING IS BELIEVING The first step is to wash the face thoroughly so that the skin is clean and makeup free, especially the eye makeup. This step is significantly important because this look calls for no eyeliner, so we want to make sure all smudges and mascara are removed beforehand. Then, we moisturize and prime the entire face so the makeup lies flat and smoothly on the skin and lasts for hours. For this particular look, we start with the eyes so that if there is any shadow that falls, we can easily wipe it off be- fore we move on to foundation. Begin by applying conceal-