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your look ● jewelry One Isn’t the Loneliest Number Bring back the stylistic bravery of the 1980s by putting the focus on just one earring in a one-sided look that is as bold as it is familiar W hen a fashionable new look debuts on the run- ways of Paris and Holly- wood’s red carpet, we take notice. And when a gorgeous young Hollywood starlet like the stunning Emma Watson em- braces the trend, we really take notice. Emma was rocking the single earring look at the Golden Globe Awards with a ‘Mise en Dior’ tribal-inspired earring. The cream resin beads creat- ed a bold asymmetric effect as the small pearl rested on the front of her ear while the largest peeped out subtly from behind her lobes. This may be the easiest fashion trend to master—ever. Think about it, all those uber-glam chandelier ear- rings gathering dust on the bottom of your jewelry box, whose mates have been lost on myriad dance floors over the years, now have new life! Fortu- nately for those widowed earrings, the forces of fashion have decided 22 PAGEANTRY EMMA WATSON that this fall is all about going solo. Now, you may feel apprehensive about sporting this burgeoning style on your own, but have no fear, this trend is hardly alien. This look origi- nally hit its punk rock peak in the mid-1980s and was popularized by artists and fashionista luminaries such as Madonna, Cindy Lauper and even Boy George. So have no fear, this has all been done before. And don’t panic if someone asks you if you’ve lost your other earring. Simply reply, “This is how people are wearing it now,” which is a true justification of any new fashion trend. Follow these trendy tips and you’ll be rocking this singular style with confidence. DIVING FOR PEARLS Emma Watson’s earring from Dior’s Mise en Dior collection may be simple, but don’t be fooled—those bad boys made a serious statement. They are perfect for everyday wear or a big night out on the red carpet. The vintage-looking, double-headed studs are simple in the most stylish of ways. Since they are sold in so many vari- eties, the possibilities to create your own stellar looks are infinite. Go with a classic pearl or get creative with color by swapping in the sapphire, ruby, jade, or glass versions. ON THE CUFFS You may have seen New York girls out in the city wearing single gold ear cuffs with their leather pants and cocktail dresses, respectively. Gaia Re- possi’s contemporary approach to classic elegance infuses her beautiful- ly-crafted fine jewelry collections, and this 18-karat gold ear cuff is the per- fect example. Inspired by the tattoos of Tuareg nomads, this 0.61-carat di- amond-embellished adornment has